The new update for the game has been released, fixing a bug with end turn.

The ancestors ps4 is a game that has been updated to version, which fixes the issue of the end turn bug that was present in previous versions of the game.

Humankind Patch Notes - Update Fixes End Turn, Cloud Save Issues, and More

Humankind’s Update is now out, with the patch notes detailing a fix for cloud saves as well as other improvements that should see the game become stuck less while transitioning to a new round.

In addition, update eliminates Endless mode from Humankind’s beginning and advanced lessons, as well as fixing a problem that may occur while using the Epic Game Launcher to launch the game.

Humankind Patch Notes - Update Fixes End Turn, Cloud Save Issues, and More

Humankind Patch Notes - Update Fixes End Turn, Cloud Save Issues, and More

Several UI-related improvements have also been made, and the entire list of changes that come with Humankind’s Update, as documented by the developer in the full patch notes, can be found below.

Additions and Modifications:

  • Endless mode was removed from basic and expert courses.
  • Subtitles have been added to the past four instructional videos.

Fixes that are critical:

  • When an Independent People ransacks a Ruin, the final turn may hang. This has been fixed.
  • When a Contemporary Russian Emblematic District is constructed on a Point of Interest that is not a Resource Deposit, the end turn may hang.
  • While using Epic Game Launcher, a crash may occur during startup. This has been fixed.
  • The Cloud saves mechanism was not functioning due to a bug.
  • Fixed an issue where the Map Editor would delete one Territory every time you saved.

Other Solutions:

  • When a player does not have enough War Support to declare a war, an incorrect value is shown.
  • On the First Time User Experience scenario, the default Avatar was shown in game instead of the player’s personalized Avatar.
  • Fixed an issue where an error may occur while using the Automatic Fight function in a battle against Deers.
  • After being exploited, Resource icons could no longer be shown on Deposits, which was fixed.
  • When the Ferocious bonus is applied to Units, a debug text is shown in the Attack Prediction panel. This has been fixed.
  • When constructing the first Emblematic Unit, a debug text may appear in the Narrator’s subtitles. This has been fixed.
  • A bug where the “?” character appeared in a lot of event descriptions has been fixed.
  • A debug text was shown in the tooltip of the Luxurious AI Persona Bias. This has been fixed.
  • A debug text was shown in the Diplomacy log for White Peace offers, which was fixed.
  • A bug where the fail message while entering a modified Multiplayer lobby wasn’t explicit enough has been fixed.

Humankind is now available on Steam, the Epic Games Store, Xbox Game Pass, and Google Stadia for PC.

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