One of the most important things you can do for yourself as a gamer is to actively work to take over the other human beings’ territory and make it your own.

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“”Humankind Sphere of Influence” is a dynamic, first-person shooter, where the player assumes the role of the President of the World Council, and has the power to take control of individual countries’ territories, by utilizing the in-game Military Extenders.”

Humankind Sphere of Influence - How Territory Takeover Works

When you initially enter Humankind’s global arena, numerous mechanisms are thrown at you, and Sphere of Influence is one among the more esoteric ones. You may easily get lost in war or city management and miss how territorial takeover works if you don’t go out of your way to investigate all of the UI choices.

Every human kingdom has its own sphere of influence. Each empire also produces Influence at the territorial level, with cities, districts, infrastructure, and religious beliefs all influencing how much Influence you produce each round. Your Influence output must be greater than theirs in order to take over neighboring areas belonging to other civilizations.

Humankind Sphere of Influence - How Territory Takeover Works

Humankind Sphere of Influence - How Territory Takeover Works

The takeover procedure is mostly passive. Any particular region may be fought for by several empires, but it can only belong to one empire’s Sphere of Influence. When you click the society button, a breakdown of how things look at a territorial level appears.

Extending your Sphere of Influence to other empires does not imply that you will dominate their lands, but it does provide certain benefits. On the one hand, the empire whose territory you control may be more interested in establishing diplomatic accords.

If they declare war on you, they will lose support for the fight more quickly. Osmosis events are triggered when your lands are inside another empire’s Sphere of Influence. There are two types of Osmosis events.

Civic ones will often see the people of a city demand that current Civics be revoked. In the Science variation, you may either get a Science boost or immediately unlock a technology in return for money.

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In the year 2080, the Earth is a little over 30 years into a new era of global domination. The world by this point has been reduced to a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and the once proud people of the planet are reduced to scavenging and fighting for what little is left. The world’s last human outpost on the planet is a small island at the rim of the known solar system. A band of rebels lives on this island, and they have been fightng for its survival since the year 2080.. Read more about humankind cultures and let us know what you think.

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