A sandbox space game with a unique economy and the ability to build your own world from scratch. The developers plan on releasing updates every two weeks, each adding new content for players who have already bought into their vision or are waiting for early access on April 20th

Earth from Another Sun is a sandbox indie game that will be released on April 20th. It is the first game in a series of games called “Prosperous Universe”.

Indie sandbox Prosperous Universe emerges from early access to launch on April 20


For over five years, we’ve been keeping a watch on the indie MMORPG Prosperous Universe. It’s a browser-based space sandbox heavy on spreadsheets, charts, and figures that’s excellent for economy aficionados, and it’s gone through alpha, early access, free-to-play, then a return to the sub for another early access, and now it’s almost ready for a true launch.

“Prosperous Universe is finally coming to Steam after a lot of meticulous preparation and development. We understand that many long-time fans may be disappointed, but this launch is critical to the game’s development and long-term viability. In a press statement issued last week, the studio states, “We beg for your unflinching support, as you have always offered.” “If all goes according to plan, the Steam launch will result in a flood of new gamers.” Please greet them as you have in the past, and show them what a fantastic community we have here, as well as what makes our game so unique!”

According to Simulogics’ most recent dev blog, the game’s technological infrastructure has been “running into performance challenges” as a result of all of the player-linked entities in the game, from guilds to stations to players. While it isn’t very interesting, the game’s new snapshotting technology is now available, which should help the launch go more smoothly.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wpazj Bhjr0

Source: Steam press release


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