Fractured Online is a free-to-play online shooter with blockchain technology. The game has been in closed beta since February, and the goal of this post is to provide an update on what players can expect from its upcoming launch.

Fractured Online is a game that will be released in closed beta. The developers are currently taking applications for the closed beta, and they have also announced their plans for future content and updates. Read more in detail here: fractured gamigo.

Interview: Scoping out Fractured Online’s closed beta content and update plans


Fractured Online’s closed beta phase has already begun by the time you read this, but before that, I was given the opportunity to digitally sit in with Dynamight Studios CEO Jacopo Gallelli, Gamigo Associate Producer Ashton Thorsen, and Gamigo Executive Producer Westley Connor to discuss the game’s beta build, overall beta content plans, and features that players can expect now and in the future.

The demo began with an overview of Fractured’s core features, which the developers had been eager to show off in the weeks building up to this point. There was discussion of the game’s open world, knowledge-based skill system, player-built cities and city administration systems, and some of the economic gameplay aspects that players may anticipate, all of which take place over continents of around 60 square kilometers in size.

Gallelli was particularly pleased with how players have begun to compile tutorials and fan resources to assist with some of the more difficult components of crafting, such as imbuing and enchanting. Gallelli points out that these systems will lack in-game assistance since he feels that players mastering these aspects of the game on their own is an important element of the design process.

The preview also made a lot of fuss about Fractured’s many talents, talking about how there are whole skills that are supposed to operate as counters to specific sorts of abilities or aspects, which will be crucial in both PvP and PvE engagements. As a consequence, Gallelli asserted that every construct always had a counter.


Of course, these concerns are important, but what most people care about is the difference between the game’s alpha builds and today’s beta. To begin with, the beta version will include the other two species – Wildfolk and Demons – in addition to the previously constructed Humans. Much of the work to bring the Wildfolk and Demons to the game wasn’t finished at the time of our preview, according to Gallelli, and when I expressed my concern that the devs might miss the feature mark, he assured me that the team’s new large size means they’ll be able to put these two new races together in a short amount of time, especially considering how quickly the previous smaller team had put together the Human race.

Asteroids — distinct open PvP instances that all three races will be able to access on a rotating basis – are another key element coming to the game’s beta. Getting to these asteroids will be difficult, since players will need to create a star gate in order to access them. When parties reach these asteroids, they may expect to find a diverse range of existing biomes, control points that open at certain periods, and the chance to win a relic reward that offers a boon to the controlling player city. Every few months, asteroids are expected to become available, with two to three asteroids planned at any given time.


The beta will add subterranean dungeons that may be discovered in the open world for PvE players. That means dungeons will not be instanced and will be fully open to anyone, though it was made clear to me that these locations will be very different from anywhere else in the game’s world, with significantly higher levels of danger, so players will most likely want to cooperate if they plan on exploring these dungeons. Depending on the race players choose, at least attempt to.

If you prefer a more pastoral lifestyle, Fractured will cater to you as well; markets will be localized, allowing players to place buy orders for craft items and have them delivered to their towns, and the game’s farming will reflect many of the factors that real-world farmers must consider, such as soil yield, crop planting seasons, and even what crops should be planted to nourish soil.


As previously stated, Fractured Online’s beta test will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a focus on perseverance and a lack of wipes. Another interesting item to note is that the game’s beta test has no defined duration; the beta will continue for as long as Dynamight Studios’ developers consider necessary, but Gallelli anticipates that the beta will last a long time. Unfortunately, the closed beta will be subject to an NDA, so any information regarding what’s going on behind closed doors will have to come directly from the company.

Since it was disclosed that Fractured’s beta had no set release date, I had to ask Gallelli whether the recent Gamigo layoffs had any impact or put any pressure on the Dynamight developers. According to him, his team is not under any stress from the rest of the company, which is consistent with the fact that the Fractured team was allegedly untouched by Gamigo’s headcount change. (It’s also the first time anybody associated with Gamigo has publicly acknowledged the company’s larger layoffs.)

Overall, Fractured Online is planning a proper beta testing process, with an emphasis on gathering input, reviewing analytics, iterating on what players say, and piling on additional features over time. Things are likely to take some time to get perfect in this limited beta stage, but Gallelli seems optimistic that the developers would get their stride and build the game from here. Time will tell, but the developers look to have practically all of the time they need to land.

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fractured online release date” is a closed beta content and update plans for the game. The developers of the game, Fractured Online, have released their first closed beta as well. The team has also announced that they will be releasing new content every two weeks.

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