ESO Plus is a monthly subscription that comes with 4 game items, including one game item for each of the four corners and a crown for the game. If you play ESO, you may have heard of it. It has been around for a while and has only recently been implemented in the last couple of months.

ESO has been around for years, but only recently did it expand to include a Plus subscription tier, offering subscribers access to a number of new features. Some of the new features are really nice, such as the ability to publish your Guild Leaderboards to the Forum . But is it worth the extra cost?

One of the biggest benefits of subscribing to the ESO Plus service is a 50% discount on all content in the game, which allows you to keep playing for longer without having to worry about the game ever going out of stock. However, this is only one of the many subscription benefits. The other is access to all of the game’s DLCs and expansions, which will give you access to up to 10 hours of new content every month. If you’re a patient type, it’s definitely worth it.

The Elder Scrolls Online may be played with or without ESO Plus, a monthly premium subscription that grants access to a large amount of playable material. The premium membership comes with additional benefits, but is it worth $15 per month? In this post, we’ll go through the ins and outs of everything ESO Plus has to offer so you can decide if it’s worth paying for you.

Keep in mind that ESO will sometimes give a free week of ESO Plus, which is a wonderful opportunity to evaluate whether you really want it. If you don’t want to wait for the next free trial, you may still opt to pay for only one month. Let’s take a look at everything ESO Plus has to offer right now!

What Does ESO Plus Membership Cost?

First and foremost, what is the cost of an ESO Plus membership?

It all depends on the bundle you choose. When you choose the monthly plan, the basic cost is $14.99, but it decreases when you buy three, six, or twelve months in advance.

Package Price
1 month 14.99/mo
3 months 41.97 ($13.99 per month)
6 months 77.94 ($89.94 per month)
12 months 140.04 ($11.68 per month)

If you are going to stop playing for a time or just don’t want the additional advantages any more, make sure you cancel your membership before you are charged again. If you intend to keep renewing your ESO Plus membership, twelve months saves you the most money, but it comes at a high price of $140.04 each year. When you break it down, it’s just $0.38 per day, or about three expensive lattes a month, for a game you love playing. However, when added together, it may be a hefty amount. 

What Benefits Does ESO Plus Membership Provide?

ESO Plus Member Benefits ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios)

We’ll go through the advantages of ESO Plus in this part. We’ve rated them in order of significance, beginning with the most important.

Crafting Bag No. 1

This is the holy grail for hoarders, since it removes the numerous leather scraps and alcast from bank and bag space slots. If you’re in the habit of looting everything in sight, all crafting items go directly to this bag, effectively emptying out your inventory.

Crafting is an essential feature in ESO since it allows you to use the numerous craftable sets and, more significantly, improve your gear to make it the most powerful it can be. The Craft Bag is often the reason why an ESO player decides to keep ESO Plus even after they have completed all of the DLC content, since it makes the game so much simpler to play.

Inventory management can be tedious and distracting in Elder Scrolls games, as many players have discovered, so the crafting bag is a great way to keep you exploring instead of maintaining your inventory.

2. Content of the DLC

Except for the most recent expansion, ESO Plus provides you access to everything in the game (currently Blackwood). You do, however, receive all of the other DLC, such as Blackwood’s dungeons and the trial.

Elsweyr DLC ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios)

Here are some of the things you can expect from ESO Plus DLC:

  • Wrothgar, Hew’s Bane, Gold Coast, Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, Summerset, Artaeum, Murkmire, Northern and Southern Elsweyr, Western Skyrim, and The Reach are among the twelve zones available.
  • Dungeons (22): White-Gold Tower, Imperial City Prison, Cradle of Shadows, Mazzatun Ruins, Bloodroot Forge, Falkreath Hold, Scalecaller Peak, Fang Lair, Moon Hunter Keep, March of Sacrifices, Frostvault, Depths of Malatar, Moongrave Fane, Lair of Maarselok, Unhallowed Grave, Icereach, Castle Thorn, Stone Garden, The Caul 
  • Maelstrom Arena, Blackrose Prison, and Vateshrawn Hollows are the three arenas.
  • Maw of Lorkhaj, Halls of Fabrication, Asylum Sanctorium, Cloudrest, Sunspire, Kyne’s Aegis, and Rockgrove are the seven trials.

Some of these DLCs may already be unlocked depending on the discount you received when you purchased ESO, but you’re more than likely missing out on the forty-four DLCs mentioned above.

Is ESO Plus worth it for fans of lore? Going through and finishing each zone’s various missions is extremely rewarding if you desire more of the Elder Scrolls’ excellent narrative. If you’re more interested in creating your character the most powerful in the game, DLC dungeons and trials often include some of the finest meta gear, so you can’t go wrong either way.

Another important consideration is the ability to play with your pals. I’ve had pals that wanted to go through the most difficult dungeons with me but couldn’t since they didn’t have the necessary DLC. Of course, we played the basic game content together, which may be challenging at the Veteran level, but it’s still annoying not to be able to play the stuff you want with your friends when you want. ESO Plus offers you the freedom to play any content you desire (minus the most recently released zone, being Blackwood).

3. Increased Bank Space & Transmute Crystal Capacity

Bank Space Upgrade ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios)

You start with just sixty bank slots, which rapidly fill up, particularly if you don’t have the crafts bag. You may acquire up to 240 slots by playing the game and paying gold to the bank to expand your bank space.

When you join ESO Plus, however, your bank space will be doubled, providing novices a good beginning amount of 120 and veterans a difficult-to-fill quantity of 480. This is another ESO Plus feature that makes the game seem more fluid since you don’t have to mess with moving items in and out of your bank to create space for new ones; instead, you can just toss everything in because 480 slots is a lot.

Your transmute crystal capacity increases to 1,000, enabling you to accumulate a lot more before deciding which things to alter or produce using the Transmutation Station. 

4. Crowns

If you purchase an ESO Plus membership in any quantity, you will get 1650 crowns each month purchased, thus if you purchase a year-long subscription, you will have 19,800 crowns to spend right away.

Crowns are the in-game money that may be used to purchase unique cosmetic goods as well as more useful things such as experience scrolls and horse training classes if you’re new to ESO. You can only train your horse once a day, and with 180 slots available (60 for each speed, stamina, and carry weight), cutting corners may be tempting.

Crowns ESO ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios)

Many houses cannot be purchased with gold, even if you have millions (disclaimer: you may trade someone gold for crowns, but they must gift you the crowns once you gift them gold, so this option isn’t always the safest unless it’s withi).

The Warden and Necromancer classes are not included in ESO Plus, but you can purchase them separately for 1,500 crowns each, therefore you’ll need to purchase at least two months of ESO Plus and both courses from the crown shop. It is well worth the money for such strong and entertaining courses. The Banker and Merchant (5000 crowns each) make life considerably simpler in the game by allowing you to access your bank and sell goods wherever you are, except in Cyrodiil, where they are disabled. You must also purchase the Imperial race, which costs 2100 crowns and allows you to create an Imperial character. 

5. Personalization

The ability to color costumes and raise furniture placement restrictions allows the user to customize their character and house to their liking.

You may dye all of your outfit parts, costumes, headgear, and even your armor using costume dyeing. These benefits will remain even after your membership has expired, which is a great bonus. With ESO Plus, the furniture placement limitations in all of your homes are doubled, giving you a lot more space to put your favorite furnishings. 

6. Experiential Gains

Is ESO Plus worth it if you want to earn EXP?

As a result of your ESO Plus subscription, you receive 10% more experience, allowing your characters to level up and earn champion points at a significantly quicker pace.

You also get a 10% crafting research benefit, which cuts down on the time it takes to study all of the many characteristics that weapons and armor have. This speeds up your ability to create higher-restricted craftable sets.

Finally, you’ll receive a 10% boost in crafting inspiration, which will encourage you to obtain those max level passives sooner.

The Disadvantages of Subscribing

ESO Vampire Guide ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios)

ESO Plus has a number of flaws, one of which is that it may renew when you don’t want it to if you forget to cancel it. Even if you are not playing, you will earn crowns, but any subscription has the potential to catch you off guard with an unexpected money withdrawal from your bank account if you forget to cancel or alter your subscription.

Another problem is that when your membership expires, you won’t be able to remove things from your crafting bag, but you may still utilize them for creating. There will be no more selling those costly crafting materials you aren’t utilizing, but writs will continue to draw from your crafting bag for required components until they run out, at which point you will have to manually do it as before.

The most common issue I get from players is that when they wait for a fast easy random regular dungeon, they are instead given a DLC dungeon, which is considerably more challenging and generally takes much longer. This may be aggravating for players who are simply looking for a boost in experience and are expecting to obtain Fungal Grotto 1 but instead get Lair of Maarselok or Scalecaller Peak. 

Is ESO Plus a Good Investment?

So, with all of this, is ESO Plus worthwhile? Is there a quick answer? Yes!

Is ESO Plus Worth It Today ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios)

The game’s crafting bag, DLC, and additional storage, as well as those crowns for whatever cosmetic things you’ve wanted, are all wonderful features, but it’s not for everyone. You may play the game without ESO and have a great time. Furthermore, you will get a smoother and more comprehensive version of the game as a result of it.

Many people join ESO Plus for the additional DLC content, then remain for the crafting bag and more inventory space after their subscription expires and they discover how much simpler the game is with those features. It may be preferable to pause on the ESO Plus and wait till later, depending on how seriously you play or if you are in a phase when you aren’t playing as much.

However, if you want to climb the leaderboards and be at the top of your PVE and PVP game, you should definitely consider purchasing ESO Plus, even if it’s only for a month to acquire the things you need. 



Is ESO Plus a good investment? In the end, you must answer that question for yourself. ESO Plus, on the other hand, provides incredible value to gamers and should be seriously considered if you’re willing to spend the money. Subscribe to our newsletter for free rewards and updates on Elder Scrolls Online. Have fun gaming!

ESO Plus is a subscription service that was introduced back in 2011 as a way to give people who purchased it access to more features in the game, including the game’s gold store. The basic subscription costs $15 a month, and it provides players with a monthly allotment of 1,250 crowns, which can be used to purchase gold bars. ESO Plus subscribers also receive an additional 10,000 crowns, which are deposited into their game account. The subscription also provides subscribers with access to the game’s add-ons, which cost $10 each, and it provides subscribers with a monthly allotment of 10,000 crowns.. Read more about eso plus card and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an ESO plus membership worth it?

I am not sure if an ESO plus membership is worth it.

Is ESO plus worth it 2021?

ESO Plus is worth it if you are a subscriber of the game. If you are not, then it is not worth it as the subscription costs more than the game itself.

Do you get everything with ESO plus?

No, ESO Plus is not a subscription. Its an optional service that allows you to purchase additional in-game content like mounts and costumes for your character.

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