In this guide we will walk you through the process of removing a texturing bug in your game by editing the block_dynamic.glsl shader, and show you some results in the process.

This past summer I had the opportunity to work on Life Beyond, the newest game from the developer, Rage-Esports. Life Beyond is a 2D side-scrolling action game that allows for multiple play-throughs, each with a distinct objective. The game itself is a lot like a platforming sequel to Castlevania II, but while playing the game you will unlock new areas and the ability to play as different characters.

Today, I want to take you through a quick step-by-step procedure for dealing with a common bug that can happen in games. This bug, known as the “texturing bug”, can occur in some games when textures are loaded into memory. The most common symptom of this is texture halos or banding.

The developers of the survival game Life Beyond noticed strange black spots appearing on some rock surfaces. This means two things: Either there is a flaw in the texture, or the stones have been turned into organisms that contracted some disease almost immediately after they regained consciousness. In the developer’s latest blog on Imgur, the team explains how they discovered and fixed the problem (hint: it wasn’t a random attack of insanity).

As one would expect from a post on Imgur, the blog includes numerous images that guide the reader through the process of finding and correcting the error, describing each step of the process until the error is discovered and the affected rocks are restored to their happy, gritty state. While the article itself doesn’t address updates or features, it does provide a good overview of at least one of the processes for those curious about how game development works.

For those wondering where these gems came from, Life Beyond is a SpatialOS survival MMO developed by Darewise Entertainment. We first became aware of the game in 2019 when it was still called Project C, and since then several updates have been made to make the game more MMORPG-like, including familiar controls and roles, as well as striving to make the game more positive overall.


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