Volibear is a member of the Ursine tribe that has been around since the earliest days of League of Legends. He’s been one of the most popular champions in the game for years, and his popularity will only increase as time goes on.

The best volibear skin 2020 is one of the 7 best Volibear skins in League of Legends. It has a unique look that makes it stand out from the rest, and is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something new.

Volibear has come a long way from his humble beginnings as a humorous forum meme to add a bear in armor to the game. He now stands tall as a manifestation of one of the Freljordian gods, sent to restore the planet to its raw primordial form as an untamed wilderness. Enjoy our selection of the greatest Volibear skins, rated from worst to best in terms of appearance.

Volibear sunders and tramples his enemies with the earth-splitting fury of the sky itself, with the power of storms at his command. Volibear leaves destruction and death in his path, but those who value strength above all else have followed in his footsteps, aiming to conquer the Freljord.

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With those characteristics in mind, we’ll go through all of the greatest Volibear skins and rate them from worst to best. Each skin will be judged on how effectively it communicates his theme as the wrathful ursine storm deity, how much it alters his powers, and, of course, how beautiful it looks overall.

The Top Rated Volibear Skins

Let’s get started with our #7 choice for the greatest Volibear skins.



Classic Volibear Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • The price is 790 RP.
  • SFX that aren’t found anywhere else:
  • No chroma

With Volibear’s VGU (visual & gameplay update) back in May 2020, his classic skin now properly conveys a powerful ursine figure, armored to the brim with lightning magic. He now carries the proper weight and fear that a massive bear charging at you should invoke, with each of his attacks carrying significant weight behind them.

Classic Riot Games courtesy of HGG

Each strike feels as though you’re slamming into the opponent with the fury of a hurricane. You experience the dread that a bear barreling at you would cause, only to have it amplified as he jumps from the skies and slams pure lightning into you.

Despite this, we must rank Volibear’s Classic skin at the bottom of the list. It certainly sets the bar for what you may anticipate from his subsequent skins, but the others either increase his god factor or pay tribute to his comedic roots. In compared to other Champions, his Classic skin is still miles ahead of the others, and if you don’t have any of the others, it’ll suffice as the finest Volibear skin.


El Rayo

El Rayo Volibear Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • The price is 750 RP.
  • SFX that aren’t found anywhere else:
  • No chroma

El Rayo has made his way into the ring! This masked luchador, weighing 10 tons, can take on the best of them! He whips the audience into a frenzy with his trademark suplex! They’re almost a hurricane!

El Rayo Riot Games courtesy of HGG

Aside from the terrible one-liners, El Rayo is a unique spin on Volibear. As you would imagine, his pro wrestling costume is extremely bright, replete with yellow lightning bolts on a purple leotard. We don’t like it because of how silly it looks (yeah, we realize it’s a joke skin), but it’s still well-made in game.

This is the greatest Volibear skin to choose if you want to totally insult your opponent.


Storm in the North

Northern Storm Volibear Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • The price is 750 RP.
  • SFX that aren’t seen anywhere else: Yes – Minor
  • No chroma

We’re not sure whether this is meant to be a serious or humorous skin. Volibear is dressed in a high-tech artic operations outfit that spec ops would use on a stealth expedition. The problem is that Volibear is a huge bear with no sense of humour.

Northern Riot Games courtesy of HGG

Naturally, you’d assume this is a slapstick skin… yet the attention to detail and overall design give it a more serious tone. When he uses his W, he gets a very amazing blue thruster effect from his armor’s exhaust vents.

You’ll have a hit-or-miss experience with this skin. However, we have to admit that a bear dressed in arctic survival gear is intrinsically funny. This is the ideal Volibear skin for you if you want something in the between of a comedy and a serious tone.


The Thousand-Pierced Bear is a bear with a thousand piercings.

Thousand Pierced Bear Volibear Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • The price is 975 RP.
  • Yes – Moderately unique SFX
  • No chroma

The Thousand-Pierced Bear is the most current and has the most special effects among the finest Volibear skins. Volibear has become the eldritch deity that a coven of witches worships, based on his other title and real-life pagan mythology.

Thousand Riot Games courtesy of HGG

When utilizing his ult, Volibear has taken on a much more ominous purple and ethereal look, in contrast to his normal blue-themed lightning and hues. Volibear draws increasingly closer, his antler mask concealing his real visage as sacrifices to him increase.

In contrast to his previous skins, this one has a lot more effort put into it, although we think it falls short in a few areas (especially for its cost). Riot’s voice would be much more worth the increased price tag if he applied some special effects to make it more gravelly and tainted.


Lord of Thunder

Thunder Lord Volibear Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • The price is 520 RP.
  • SFX that aren’t found anywhere else:
  • No chroma

Thunder Lord is the next skin in our list of the greatest Volibear skins! Thunder Lord, who wears combat armor with his signet on it, gives Volibear a more royal aspect, as if he belonged in a pantheon of gods. Volibear is certainly deserving of the title of Thunder Lord, with his blazing blue eyes and crown.

Thunder Riot Games courtesy of HGG

Though it’s a little odd to see him so calm since his subject is destroying society in order to revert to more primitive origins. Despite this, he retains all of the fury you’d expect from Volibear while still seeming to be a real deity.



Runeguard Volibear Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • The price is 975 RP.
  • SFX that aren’t seen anywhere else: Yes – Minor
  • No chroma

Volibear comes to the fight as an unstoppable force, shielded from the Freljord’s many magics, wearing armor made by his fellow deity and brother, Ornn. When Volibear runs on all fours towards his opponents, traces of the magical enchantments on his armor are left behind, and the armor thrums with strength when he ults.

Runeguard Riot Games courtesy of HGG

Overall, the skin gives him a field commander feel, with the most armored appearance and a beautiful helmet to boot. It’s a shame Volibear threw away the armor in a fit of anger following a disagreement with Ornn over the Freljord’s future.

This is arguably the finest Volibear skin if you want him to have a serious appearance. However, we’ll have to hand up the top position to someone else.



Captain Volibear Riot Games is a video game publisher.

  • The price is 750 RP.
  • SFX that aren’t seen anywhere else: Yes – Minor
  • No chroma

Captain Volibear is unquestionably a joke skin, but it is by far the greatest of the best Volibear skins. Volibear is on patrol with his companion Constable Trundle, dressed in a police captain’s outfit, complete with sunglasses and an 80’s mustache. Try not to resist arrest; if you do, he’ll most likely maul you.

Captain Riot Games courtesy of HGG

A police siren sound effect will play when the lights on Volibear’s back flash when he uses his Q! Criminals may attempt to flee, but Captain Volibear is hot on their tail!

That stache, on the other hand, is perfection, and chasing after your opponent while making wee-woo noises is hilarious. If you put together a team of champions with law enforcement-themed skins, you’ll earn bonus points.



That concludes our selection of the greatest Volibear skins. Do you have any opinions about our rating that you’d like to offer, or do you disagree with it? Leave a comment below letting us know how you’d rank your top Volibear skins, and subscribe for future rankings like this.

Have fun gaming!

The volibear skin review is a blog post that reviews the 7 best Volibear skins ranked worst to best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Volibear skin is the best?

The best Volibear skin is the one that you like the most.

Will Volibear get a new skin 2021?

We dont know.

Is Volibear a girl?

No, Volibear is a male character.

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