Lost Ark is an upcoming game based on the manga and anime series. Players hunt for ancient treasures buried in a huge, dark jungle full of monsters, traps, puzzles and more. This article will cover three individual aspects that make Lost Ark a promising title:
1) The mechanics 2) Story 3) Gameplay

The “lost ark treasure map” is a guide that can be used to find the treasure in the game “Lone Insects Demonic Cave”. The author of this article says that it is easy to use and has a lot of helpful information.

Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide - Lone Insects Demonic Cave


In Lost Ark, there are several treasure maps. This Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide – Lone Insects Demonic Cave will show you how to locate the hidden treasure in the Saland Hill map using just the clue “Lone Insects Demonic Cave” and a map that will give you a general location.

This treasure map is a prize for completing several of the area’s primary plot objectives. You’re handed a single sheet of paper with a map of the Saland Hill Zone on it. The Lone Insects Demonic Cave, the hint at the top, is the hidden dungeon it opens; nevertheless, the treasure will not be located in a dungeon with that name. Just in case you were hoping to see that dungeon. In this dungeon, you’ll face off against the story’s huge worm.

Lone Insects Demonic Cave – Lost Ark Treasure Map Guide

Lost-Ark-Treasure-Map-Guide-Lone-Insects-Demonic-Cave-Treasure-LocationLost Ark Treasure Map Guide - Lone Insects Demonic Cave The treasure map may be found in the location mentioned above. The easiest way to reach there is to go north from the Salt Works fast travel stop. There are several wooden buildings and booths against the wall just before the switchover to the next sector. As you approach closer, you’ll discover an interaction option, G, that will expose the hidden entrance to Lone Insects Demonic Cave, a unique dungeon. Enter, kill the huge worm, and get your prize.

  • Treasure Maps are maps that depict the location of secret dungeons on a certain map.
  • On the Saland Hill location, the Lone Insects Demonic Cave is a hidden dungeon. Go to the above-mentioned area and interact with the hidden entrance.
  • Enter the hidden dungeon, slay the huge worm, and get your prize.
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