The League of Legends Pro Players Association (LPL) is a professional esports league that has been running since 2011. The LPL Spring Split season concluded on May 19th, and with the dust settled we now have an early look into who might be crowned champions come Season 8.

The “lpl spring 2022 schedule” is a list of the games for the LPL Spring Split. The teams that are tied for first place, are WBG and V5.

LPL 2022 Spring Split: WBG & V5 tied for first place


Weibo Gaming and Victory Five are fighting for the top spot.

What Victory Five has accomplished so far is even more astounding. Victory Five was anticipated to struggle for the playoffs despite gaining one of the greatest mid laners in the world ahead of the 2022 Spring, Rookie. Fans were reminded why Rookie is the finest game-changer in the history of League of Legends.

Even if their bot lane pair isn’t good enough to win the title, their top lane trio looked so cohesive that no one expected them to lose at any time. Their trademark is providing a dependable game. Victory Five dominated EDG and LNG in Week 6, and they tied for first place with Weibo Gaming.

Despite the fact that Edward Gaming and LNG Esports were unable to reach their finest form, the trials will continue. The regular-season competition for EDG may have been uninteresting after ending 2021 with two big championships. Scout and the rest of the club will definitely enhance their performance in the playoffs.

Week 7 of the LPL Spring Season in 2022 has already begun with two exciting series between WE and RA, as well as IG and LGD. On Wednesday, the most anticipated match of the week will take place between WBG and RNG. The LPL’s official Twitch channel will be broadcasting all of the action.


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The Sandbox and Square Enix are teaming together to bring the Dungeon Siege RPG to the metaverse.

The “lpl spring 2020” is the upcoming season of League of Legends Pro League in China. In 2019, it was announced that LPL would be split into two leagues: LPL and LSPL. The top four teams from each league will then compete in a playoff for the title of champion.

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