In the Mass Effect franchise, one of the choices that players are given is whether to save or destroy the Rachni species. The rachni are a sapient alien race that was nearly wiped out by the asari (one of the three main player races) in ancient times due to their insect-like appearance. In the sequel Mass Effect 2, rachni are introduced for the first time.

Both a major turning point in the Mass Effect series and a classic example of how games can be used as empathy machines, Bioware’s Mass Effect trilogy contains several equally important decisions, but there’s one that stands out above the rest: the Rachni Queen. The game gives you several chances to interact with the Rachni, a highly advanced but vicious species that was almost wiped out by the Protheans in the first game. The Rachni Queen makes a few cameo appearances throughout the series, but the finale of the last game forces you to make a decision: side with the Rachni and risk galactic annihilation, or exterminate the species once and for all?

The Rachni are a species of large insectoids that are native to the planet Klendagon. They have been known to be incredibly intelligent and clever, using tactics that their enemies would never be able to predict. They have a natural ability to quickly adapt to any environment. The Rachni Wars were fought between the Rachni and the Asari, who won. The Rachni were forced into slavery and when the Asari left the Andromeda Galaxy they brought some Rachni with them. A group of Rachni were also kept by the Krogan.

Now that the Mass Effect trilogy has been re-released with the Legendary Edition, old and new players alike are looking at the different options the series has to offer. One of the most important decisions the players will have to make is the choice of Queen Rahni. Here’s what happens when you decide to free the queen, and how that decision affects the rest of the story. Spoiler alert: This guide covers the plot details of the entire Mass Effect trilogy. The reader is advised to be careful.

Mass Effect Rahni The Queen’s Choice: Free or dead?

word-image-11536 word-image-11537 Mass Effect 1 presents you with a choice of what to do with Queen Rachni who has been captured on Noveria. You can either release him or euthanize him with an acid bath. The choices you make will affect the events in Mass Effect 2and 3. The selection becomes available after crossing Peak 15 and defeating Matriarch Benezia. The queen will then take control of the dying command and try to convince Shepard to spare her and her children. If you decide to kill the queen, she will ask you to spare her again. If you stand by your decision, she will try to stop you, but she will have little success, and Shepard will activate the acid bath and kill her. If you decide to release her, she’ll take the opportunity to escape. She will thank Shepard and flee to the wilderness of Noveria to raise her children. She also promises to remember the kindness Shepard showed her and pass it on to the new brood. The immediate consequences of the election of Queen Rahni will be the representatives of the Turian Council, although they do not like either choice. The Queen’s clemency will make the delegate question her wisdom, release her. Their murder will make him wonder if people like to commit genocide.

How the election of Queen Rahni changes thetrilogy

This decision could also affect what happens in the next two games. In Mass Effect 2 , it’s about the same: The queen meets Shepard and promises to help them in the future if you save her. Kill him, and you’ll hear the Peak 15 report on the news. The third game is where the choices really become important. When you rescue the queen, you discover that she has been captured by the Reavers, who turn her into new soldiers. The player is again forced to make a decision: save them or kill them, with the possible outcomes having immediate consequences. If you save the queen again, you’ll get her support in the fight against the reapers. But this decision means Grunt and the krogan military team will die. If you can win his loyalty in Mass Effect 2, he can survive, but he will suffer greatly. If you decide to leave, you lose that support, but the military team survives. If the player killed the queen in the first game, the reapers will create an artificial queen in her place to create their Rakhni troops. The player again has the choice of letting go or leaving, but both options have consequences. Releasing him would mean the death of the krogan in exchange for help in the war. Unfortunately, this queen will betray you after a few missions. She gathers her troops and damages the Corps of Engineers on her way out. If you decide to leave her, she won’t like it. The artificial queen will scream at her destroyers to kill Shepard, forcing the player to fight through her. Ultimately, choosing Rachni Queen is all about making the right choice. Save the queen and the Rahni or let them perish on Noveria. Looking at this from a digital perspective, Double Save the Queen is the best option. Losing a Krogan military team costs you 25 military strength, but if you support the queen you get 100 in return. Kill the original and rescue the artificial queen, and you lose 125 military powers. It’s all about whether you play the good guy or the bad guy. If we take the real hero route, it makes sense that you don’t commit whole race genocide. Choosing between her and the reapers is the hardest choice. On the other hand, that bastard of a Shepard will hit the acid button while laughing his ass off inEvil Dead. That bastard of a Shepard decides to save the artificial queen so they can kill the krogan. So what’s the best choice? Overall, I’d say he saves the queen both times. From a gameplay standpoint, this makes the most sense and is the right decision, at least in my opinion. Whether or not you like the krogan platoon may influence your decision in favor of the second option, but ultimately it’s up to you. Read more aboutMass Effect Legendary Edition ? See our guide on how to get the Paramour achievement.This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.. Read more about mass effect rachni ship and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I save the Rachni queen in Mass Effect 1?

This decision is one of the most famous in gaming: Do you save the Rachni queen from the geth and only save the ship by killing her, or do you save the ship by letting the geth kill her? This choice has been the topic of countless forum and blog discussions.  It has a DLC that allows you to save both! But which is the best choice for your Mass Effect 1 save file? (assuming you haven’t altered your choices in ME3). The Rachni are an alien species whose history with the rest of the galaxy is, to put it mildly, checkered. They are a species of intelligent insectoid creatures from the planet of the same name. Unfortunately, they are also a highly belligerent species, and their genocidal tendencies have led to them being one of the most dangerous enemies ever faced by the asari. However, the Rachni also possess an advanced level of technology, as evidenced by the fact that they had developed spaceflight before they were contacted.

What happens if you kill the Rachni queen in Mass Effect 1?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. In the year 2183, the humans of the Intergalactic Alliance discovered the Rachni, a sentient alien race of insectoids. The humans had previously believed the Rachni to be extinct, having been driven from the Milky Way by the Reapers, an ancient race of sentient machines that harvest the advanced civilizations of the galaxy. The Rachni were brought to heel by the Reapers and were used as disposable soldiers in the Reaper war against the Milky Way’s organics, which the Reapers won.

Should I kill or free the Rachni queen?

In this day and age, it’s rare to be given the opportunity to make a truly complex moral decision without all the consequences being spelled out for you. Don’t worry about having to go into any of the nitty gritty details, however, because in Mass Effect, you’re given all the information you need… well, most of it, anyway. Here’s all you need to know to make the choice that’s right for you ! In the second Mass Effect game, the player must make a choice to kill or free a Rachni queen. This is an ancient species that used to live with the Protheans, and the Rachni were sealed away because they were thought to be too dangerous to the galaxy. In Mass Effect 2, however, the Rachni have been awoken by the Reapers and are preparing to attack the galaxy.  The player is asked to choose whether to keep the Rachni sealed away, or to have them join the war against the Reapers.

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