Gamigo announced plans for a new mobile-first strategy, taking over Wizard101 publishing from publisher Perfect World Entertainment.
Magna Global Inc. is also purchasing another game developer and will focus on games with long lifespans, such as RIFT and Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.,

Gamigo is the parent company of Wizard101 and Kingsisle Entertainment, which are both owned by MGI. Gamigo has recently announced that they will be taking over the publishing of Wizard101 in Europe.

MGI Q4 2021: Gamigo’s parent company guns for mobile, takes over Wizard101 EU publishing, ignores RIFT


Media and Games Invest SE or MGI, Gamigo’s parent company, disclosed its Q4 2021 financials to investors this week, showing a 65 percent revenue increase for the quarter compared to Q4 2020 and an 80 percent revenue increase for the whole year 2021 compared to 2020. What is the source of MGI’s expansion? Under its cover lies a mountain of corporate talk about harnessing synergies between gaming, advertising, and media. The firm is seeking to keep growing by concentrating on mobile:

“MGI was an early adopter of this ‘owned-and-operated ad-tech’ model, establishing itself over the last several years.” Based on our ‘integrated owned and operated ad-tech’ approach, we wish to concentrate even more on strengthening, developing, and extending our firm in 2022. This means we’ll keep focusing on organic growth in both the media and gaming sectors, as well as synergies between them. This also implies that we will continue to make synergistic acquisitions, whether smaller ones that we can leverage or bigger, transformative ones that scale. But it also implies that our investment emphasis will shift: since mobile is the biggest and fastest-growing market for both media and games, mobile ad-tech infrastructure and mobile games content will become the primary focus.”

MGI highlights the purchase of publication rights for Fractured Online as well as improvements for Trove and Wizard101 late last year in the games area – that’s Gamigo. And, in the case of Wizard101, the KingsIsle titles have done well for MGI since the takeover, and it seems that Gamigo will take over European publishing of Wizard101 from Gameforge with no account losses.

MGI and Gamigo admitted in their Q3 investor report that RIFT hadn’t had any upgrades in a long time but will “have a first great update” in the first quarter of 2022. We’re in the third month of 2022, and nothing has occurred yet, unless you believe the Valentine’s Day event counts, which we don’t. In any case, RIFT isn’t included in the Q4 report, despite being featured in Gamigo’s 10 “premium” games slide.

As MMO Fallout pointed out, today is RIFT’s 11th birthday, and it has gone unremarked by the company on the official website and social media. It did post a sale today, however.

It’s the 11th anniversary of @Riftgame and Gamigo doesn’t particularly seem to care. They love this game so much.

— Connor (@mmofallout) March 1, 2022




The “who bought kingsisle” is a gaming company that has recently been acquired by Gamigo. The acquisition will allow Kingsisle to publish games on behalf of Gamigo, including the game Wizard101.

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