The founder of Nexon, a Japanese game company that’s famed for making free-to-play games, ranted and raved about how the Japanese game industry is dominated by greed and crunch. The CEO was so angry he even compared the crunch to the Japanese practice of sending soldiers to battle without training.

“We have all been there,” said Drew McCleod, the CEO of Nexon, in an interview this week with . “The kind of crunch that we have to go through. The kind of pressure that we have to go through. And that, to me, is a very sad game of charades — and it has to stop.”

It’s not the first time we hear about the damage that crunch time can do to a company. But, Nexon CEO Kim Han-jul has a bone to pick with the situation.


Now that it’s Friday, it’s time to play one of my favorite weekend games: Take a look at what a top-tier gaming executive has to say about the business. Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney is today’s topic. Nexon released its second quarter results earlier this week, acknowledging that it had done badly due to a disastrous bitcoin investment as well as turmoil in MapleStory Korea over lockbox transparency.

Analysts questioned the firm about this, as well as its reluctance to discuss future game release dates. Mahoney immediately turned the tables on them, claiming that crunching numbers to come up with arbitrary dates was a self-destructive ruse.

“One of our industry’s most insidious issues is crunch mode. Except for this dance with stock analysts, the farce of launch time serves no function. […] Instead, the best thing to concentrate on and promote is a game that will blow people’s minds. If we succeed, the game will endure for many years, and the profits will much exceed what we would have earned if we had launched a quarter or two sooner. […] Sorry, but no one in my business has ever conveyed this to you. We all know that’s true inside the business, but few publicly discuss it. Everyone need to do so. Rather of giving you a deadline, this team will make a promise to our consumers and workers to create the greatest game possible as quickly as possible.”

As VentureBeat points out, this isn’t the first time Mahoney has dropped a bombshell — and Nexon’s stock has risen as a result.


The CEO of Nexon, the gaming giant that has been around for 20 years, has a message for you. He says that the games industry today “has been turned into a charade of launch timing.” He says that the industry has been “sucked dry by the onset of crunch” and “all the work is being done at the last minute,” which is why they often miss their deadlines. He says that is why they run out of money, the games are rough, and they “curtail and cut back what we once did,” which means that “the industry is dying.” He says that is why the games industry is “crushing.”. Read more about nexon investor relations and let us know what you think.

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