(Gaming) book review on “GamersHeroes” by Kelsey Moskal

Once upon a time, in the dark days of the past, there was a man and a woman who worked together in an office under a beautiful night sky. But the man was bored in his job; he had been there for years and still had no idea what it was that he did, what his department did, or even why he woke up in the morning. He had been working on his own game for ages, but his co-worker days away from his work computer.

The night is the perfect time for a book review, and now you can ask your friends what they’re reading if you want to stay up late enough to make it happen. There are plenty of ways to get this done, but what do you do if you want to read more than one book at a time? Well, there’s an app for that.

Good Gate Media and Wales Interactive must not be Evil Dead fans after launching their new title Night Book, since the great Ash Williams taught horror enthusiasts never to read cursed books. Is this occult story devilishly good or unspeakably bad? A full motion video tale about an evil tome, is this occult tale devilishly nice or unspeakably bad?

Review of a Night Book

Loralyn’s life isn’t going so well at the moment. Her father Alecis is suffering with mental health problems, she’s concerned about her pregnancy, her boyfriend Pearce is working hard on the Le Pouce development, and she’s struggling with her translation job at Glossa Lingua.

When an old Kannar text is read aloud, however, things rapidly escalate from bad to worse. Loralyn’s father is possessed by demonic spirits when this cursed book is read aloud, making her life a living nightmare.

Night Book is a story that horror aficionados have undoubtedly seen before in classic media, and it adds nothing fresh to the mix. The title was shot completely in lockdown, according to the production team, and it shows. The whole game is displayed via cameras on a computer pointing to rooms, flats, and workplaces, with the exception of a few special effects. This isn’t always a negative thing – Paranormal Activity did a fantastic job with a similar technique – but it seems unprofessional in this instance.

The bad acting just adds to the misery. Everyone in Night Book is bored while reading the screenplay, devoid of any feeling in the face of peril. Loralyn seems unprepared in scenes when she is meant to be frantic. Several members of the group had uncomfortable pauses in the middle of their lines, as if they forgot their lines or the teleprompter malfunctioned. Even when you have possession, you don’t have the punch you need to truly clinch the deal.


Players will have a limited amount of time to select between two alternative choices as they go through this FMV adventure. Some are more straightforward, such as deciding whether to translate something verbatim or interpret the general meeting. Other decisions, such as whether or not to give her father a sedative, affect things on a larger scale. Every important junction informs players right away, with a “Butterfly Effect” notice appearing after each significant branch.

Night Book suffers from the illusion of choice, despite the fact that there are 15 alternative endings and 223 scenes in all. There were instances when our choices resulted in uncomfortable situations, making us feel as though our choices didn’t really matter. It’s reasonable given such a large number of choices in a full motion video title, but the title could have been more careful in closing up these loose ends.

However, it’s unlikely that players will invest a lot of time in this game; our first playing took less than an hour. While this was most likely done to promote replayability, it also keeps the game moving at a dizzying speed. When a dispute is resolved in 10 minutes, there isn’t much at risk, and some of the events will leave people perplexed at how quickly everything happened. A smooth transition would have helped a lot.

If you’re even somewhat interested in horror, you’ve probably already seen what Night Book has to offer. The concept of a full-motion video story with various endings is admirable, but the bad acting and frantic pace detract from the film’s ability to stand out.

This Night Book review was written on a computer. The game was downloaded from the internet.

Night Book Review

Good Gate Media and Wales Interactive must not be Evil Dead fans after launching their new title Night Book, since the great Ash Williams taught horror enthusiasts never to read cursed books. a complete

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Tonight we are reviewing ‘GamersHeroes’, a book of short stories about the lives of video game enthusiasts. The book is written by David Wong, who is also known as the writer of the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ comic books, and for his book ‘John Dies at the End’ which is a story about a man who is murdered and then wakes up in a world of the video game he used to play.. Read more about outriders opencritic and let us know what you think.

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