New patch, new zombies. The developers at Night of the Dead have updated their zombie survival game to add an entire slew of customizable options and exciting gameplay features in its latest release!

The “night of the dead trebuchet ammo” is a new addition to the game that allows players to customize their weapons with different types of ammunition.

Night of the Dead update adds new customization options

The Night of the Dead Alpha 1.2.0 update introduces plenty of additional personalization possibilities, as well as some other amazing new features that we couldn’t wait to try.

Customization of Characters

When I initially began playing Night of the Dead, one of the first things I noticed was the lack of personalization, both in terms of your character and the game itself, which was a bit disheartening.

Both of these concerns have been rectified with the introduction of the Alpha 1.2.0 update, with players being able to fully design their characters, as well as change their gender.

The new Night of the Dead Customization of Characters really does a great job of allowing players to express themselves through their characters, every little detail of the character’s face can be adjusted to perfection.

The sole drawback is the absence of capacity to change the physique aspects of your character, such as making them smaller or larger, adding or lowering muscular mass, or modifying the breast size of female characters.

Night of the Dead's January Update The 6 Character Slots in Night of the Dead

If, like me, you’re having trouble coming up with the right character, the creators have added six more character slots to the game, allowing you to experiment with various designs while still having characters with predetermined features and attributes.

There are a number of pages of tattoo designs to chose from as well, which is a feature I really appreciate since the primary character, Lucy, seems to be innocent, which means I can construct a meaner, more terrifying character instead.

There aren’t only tattoos in the tattoo designs; there are also some face imperfections and some very cool-looking scars that you can use on your characters.

Night of the Dead Tattoo

Although the face tattoos and scars are beautiful, I wish there was an option to extend them down the character’s torso, which would have been seen depending on the armor you choose.

Customization of Traits

Once you’ve refined your character’s appearance, you can now add an occupation as well as both negative and positive attributes.

Picking any of them will affect your basic stats and leave you with a varying number of points to spend on characteristics depending to the profession type, with unemployed offering the most trait points to spend.

Each characteristic costs a certain number of points, depending on how excellent it is, but if you don’t have enough, you may add some bad attributes to get some additional points.

Night of the Dead traits system

It’s a nice concept, but it may take a few tries to get it right. For example, I chose better quality loot drops as a positive characteristic, which costs -10 points, meaning I had to load up on bad affects to compensate, which I did in-game.

Customization Difficulty

The latest Night of the Dead update doesn’t just stop at Customization of Characters, players now have more room than ever to customize the game itself, much like 7 Days to Die, players are now able to completely overhaul the difficulty settings, changing how the game itself works.

Players may pick from preset levels ranging from serene to legend, or they can create their own custom difficulty, allowing them to customize every element of the game.

Night of the Dead customization

You may now choose the following gameplay parameters in addition to the difficulty:

  • No Wave
  • There will be no more zombies.
  • Resurrection of Natural Objects
  • Respawn of Synthetic Objects
  • There will be no generator failure.
  • There will be no research lost if you die.
  • Exit with Items Dropped

Armor, Fishing, and a Whole Lot More

The personalization possibilities available with the Night of the Dead January update were already enough to win me over, but the devs didn’t stop there; they’ve also included some incredible new stuff for both new and experienced players to enjoy.

The new armor system enables players to equip themselves with one of many new armor sets, as well as upgrade these armors using specific resources for increased protection.

The long-awaited fishing feature has now arrived in the game, enabling players to forget about the zombie apocalypse and go fishing instead.

The new leveling system allows players to acquire XP and level up points into basic abilities, allowing them to strike harder, absorb more damage, or enhance any of the game’s other foundation metrics.

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