In Palworld, players make their way through a one-of-a-kind open world where they battle wild monsters and capture them to be used in various ways. Players can find friends to play with or compete against each other as they recreate the game’s colorful artwork that features cute critters like bunny rabbits and fluffy kittens.

Palworld is an open-world game that allows players to catch and exploit captured monsters. The game’s colorful world of captured monster exploitation creates a unique gaming experience for all ages.

Open-world critter catching survivalbox Palworld shares a colorful world of captured monster exploitation


Do you recall Palworld? In June 2021, we highlighted this title: It’s a multiplayer open-world survival game by Pocketpair (the makers of Craftopia) that allows players to acquire Pokemon-like Pals and utilize them as horses, combatants, industrial workers, and builders, among other things. After that first announcement, the company has been relatively quiet, but a new gameplay trailer, as well as a press release, have pushed it back to the forefront, along with a press release that relishes in the game’s tendency for putting cuddly creatures through the wringer.

“You will be able to have Pal join you to fight alongside you, build various structures, breed to grow a stronger Pal bloodline, ride as a mount, force Pals to fight against each other in the Arena, sacrifice their lives for your safety, capture with lassos or Pal Spheres, put them into the Pal Box prisons, and their fate if they are caught by the poachers… Just a few examples.”

The trailer in question shows off some of the game’s Pals and how they can be used for various purposes, ranging from the more whimsical things like flying through the world, gardening, or combining into new Pals, to the more nefarious things like weapons manufacturing, some form of dire experimentation, and walking into an explosive trap. Pals may also be employed in combat, either as fighting partners or as weapons, and rare Pals can be obtained by poaching them in hunting restricted zones.

Palworld has yet to have a set release date, but according to a Steam post, work is on track and an alpha test will begin shortly. In the meanwhile, watch the teaser below for a dose of tonal whiplash.

Sources: Steam, press release


Palworld is a colorful open-world game that allows players to capture and tame critters. The game has a lot of different types of tamed critters, which can be used as mounts or pets. Reference: craftopia.

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