OrbusVR’s newest update tackles the player house and tutorial, which are now more dynamic than ever. The new features aim to provide a smoother introduction experience while adding fresh content for players of all levels.
The game includes 4k support as well as updated UI elements with greater visibility in general:

The “OrbusVR’s newest update introduces a revamped player house and tutorial”. OrbusVR is an open-world, sandboxed action RPG that features a player-created world. The game has recently been updated with a new tutorial, new talents, and more.

OrbusVR’s newest update introduces a revamped player house and tutorial


OrbusVR’s newest patch doesn’t offer anything new, but it does contain some tweaks to existing features that make them seem like they’re brand new. You might say they’ve been restored to the point that they’re practically like new. Basically, an effect is still being produced.

Players will notice the difference when they enter their new home, which has a redesigned layout, improved textures, and eight more unlocking spaces in housing furniture boxes to make the new home a new home.

Another significant change is the revamped new player experience, which includes a new character creator, a new tutorial instance with a more comprehensive tutorial questline, a series of guiding lights to assist newcomers, and a “pre-MSQ” questline that begins after the tutorial is completed and aims to help players level up quickly while also learning a few other useful tips and tricks.

That’s not to say there isn’t anything new in this patch; there’s a new mission from the barmaid at Highsteppe Tavern that will expose players to some new faces, so although there isn’t much new in the patch, there are plenty of new things to try.


OrbusVR is a free-to-play, multiplayer virtual reality game that is set in a medieval fantasy world. The newest update for the game introduces a revamped player house and tutorial. Reference: orbusvr league leader.

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