Blizzard revealed the sign-up process for its upcoming Overwatch 2, and the game is revealing more information about what players can expect from it. The popular shooter will be opening a beta test in 2019 – with just over 200 slots available, so don’t wait to get your feet wet in preparation of one of next year’s biggest games.

The “overwatch 2 beta 2022” is an upcoming game from Blizzard Entertainment. The game will be the sequel to Overwatch and it will open signups for its spring beta round on February 28th, 2019.

Overwatch 2 opens signups for its spring beta round


Multiple corporate scandals, declining player numbers, and the loss of multiple team heads will not deter Overwatch 2: The Battle Royale. Blizzard revealed today that the expanshasequel’s limited alpha will begin soon.

“Blizzard employees, Overwatch League professionals, and a few other select groups will begin closed alpha testing for Overwatch 2 PvP today in certain locations to help us prepare for broader testing,” the studio writes. “Then, in late April, we’ll launch our first PvP Beta on PC in all territories.” We’ll invite a broader set of testers to submit gameplay feedback during this private beta. Our objective for this phase is to put our new features, content, and systems to the test before moving on to stress-testing the servers with a larger player population in subsequent Beta tests.”

The first PvP beta, according to reports, will concentrate on the new hero Sojourn, the Push game style, 5v5 multiplayer mode, various hero reworks, and four new maps, some of which have previously been revealed.

Signups are live now, though you may have to keep trying. “We’re continuing to scale up the Beta sign up site to support the traffic coming in,” the studio told fans on Twitter. “If you are having trouble signing up, please check back in later today to try again.”


Overwatch 2 is opening signups for its spring beta round. The game will be available on PC and Xbox One, but not PS4. Reference: overwatch 2 beta date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Overwatch 2 Beta out?

A: Overwatch 2 is not out yet. It isnt even in development.

Will Overwatch 2 ever come out?

A: Overwatch 2 is coming out in 2020, and it will be a free update to the game.

How to get into Overwatch Closed Beta?

A: Unfortunately, this is not possible. The Overwatch closed beta was only open to applicants who had pre-registered for it and selected an account name prior to the start of their signup process.

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