The makers of Palia, a new Android mobile game, have expressed their plans to keep their game under NDA until it is in a “near-finished” stage. According to the developers, this means they will not be monetizing the game in any way aside from in-game purchases, and that there are no plans for the game to be crowdfunded at this time.

So why is the Palia crowdfunding campaign running now, and why does it have a pre-alpha build with no monetization plan? Simple: the Kickstarter campaign was originally launched in July, and the developers wanted to gauge the interest in the game without exposing its potential monetization plan.

‘Palia’ is the codename for the mobile first-person shooter in development at the company, and it’s slated to be released on Android and iOS. The game was announced in August, and at the time, it was described as a “multiplayer FPS game” with “fast-paced action”. Now, however, it appears that the game is a little bit different.

word-image-4783 In this week’s podcast, Justin, Carlo and I were arguing about how to say Palia. The developers of Singularity 6 have solved this problem: It’s PAY-lee-ah. This is just one of the bits of information I found while browsing the official game discord, which, as we’ve already established, is one of the friendliest in the MMO universe. Even the meme channel is useful; it’s turned into memes about Chuus and Chapai while people wait for the pre-alpha, which, in case you were wondering, still hasn’t started. However, Singularity has answered some of the most frequently asked questions after the social MMORPG was announced last week. The developers have clarified that the game will be released on consoles as soon as possible, that the pre-alpha will only be available on PC, that clothing and hairstyles will not be floor-bound, that last week’s trailer was actually shot in the game’s engine, and that they are still not talking about monetization, even though they are not currently crowdfunding. We want to reach as many people as possible, Singularity says about the promised alpha test. However, there are some technological limitations that we need to be aware of. Note that the pre-alpha version is apparently under some sort of NDA and streaming is not allowed. So, if you want to get a feel for the game, you’re going to have to get into it. We’ve also spotted some new artwork, including sheets for two key NPCs; we’re posting them below. Oh, and by the way… they’re still taking. ViewPia3dkawy, a popular Discord community for Pia3dkawy (yes, that’s the game’s codename) fans, has been in a state of disarray after its lead developer, TheKingBacon, left the Pia3dkawy development team.. Read more about new world beta and let us know what you think.

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