Pantheon is a decentralized gaming platform built on Ethereum, which has been gaining popularity over the past year. Their January newsletter focuses on what’s new in all aspects of their project — from marketing to business development and expansion into different languages.

The “pantheon” newsletter is a monthly publication that covers news and updates for the pantheon platform. The January edition of this newsletter talks about how “increasing awareness” of the service has led to an increase in staff.

Pantheon’s January newsletter talks ‘increasing awareness’ – and increasing staff, too

So, probably not.

To round out January, Pantheon’s Visionary Realms has released a new producer’s letter, and this one forecasts a new view for 2022 as the game moves closer to an alpha launch.

“This year, we want to raise awareness of the game,” the studio said. “Obviously, we’ve been doing this all along, but it’ll be a big aim as we approach closer to Alpha and the game becomes more fleshed-out enough for a larger audience to enjoy.”

“Things are changing here at Visionary Realms as well. Last year, they hired a dedicated HR team, and this year they’re planning for team-wide growth by putting in place the infrastructure, policies, and processes to accommodate additional personnel. They are working hard to guarantee that working at Visionary Realms is not only enjoyable, but also fair, compassionate, and well-structured. In terms of technology, our tech team has tremendous aspirations for 2022. They’re working on ways to enhance the Pantheon shop and user experience right now. This year, expect to see significant improvements in navigating, pledging, and engaging. Back-end enhancements are also continuing, laying the groundwork for the game to run smoothly and effectively, as well as linking all of our data in a reliable, secure, and competent manner.”

The company is now working on its network makeover, collecting and crafting, class development, the new rendering pipeline conversion, dispositions and qualities, and art, according to the newsletter.


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