Pixels, people and games come together for an epic experience. With a free-to-attend event in Portland’s beautiful Expo Center, PDXCON is the premier gathering place to explore what lies ahead for interactive entertainment.

PDXCON 2022 returns as a physical event this September. The conference is a gathering of the best and brightest minds in the gaming industry, with talks from industry leaders such as Cliff Bleszinski, John Romero, and Tim Schafer.

PDXCON 2022 Returns as a Physical Event this September

PDXCON 2022 Returns As A Physical Event This September

PDXCON 2022 will return to Stockholm as a physical event in September, according to publisher Paradox Interactive.

PDXCON 2022, a celebration of all things paradox, will include a variety of events, including the chance to play Victoria 3, the eagerly awaited grand strategy game.

Dates for PDXCON 2022

PDXCON 2022 Returns As A Physical Event This September

PDXCON 2022 Returns As A Physical Event This September

Aside from that, participants will get the opportunity to play games with Paradox devs, take part in a live-action megagame, and listen to live musical renditions of their favorite Paradox soundtracks.

PDXCON 2022 will take held in Stockholm on September 2nd and 3rd. Tickets, as well as a complete schedule of events, are available on the publisher’s official website’s dedicated area.

The business staged a digital version of the event last year, which included various announcements and developer conversations.

For many attendees, Victoria 3 will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of this year’s PDXCON, and you can learn more about the game in our hands-on preview from May.

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PDXCON 2022 Returns as a Physical Event this September. The PDXCON is an annual gaming convention that brings together the best of the Portland gaming community. Reference: pdxcon date.

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