As I have stated in previous articles, I have a love-hate relationship with MMO’s. I have been around since the days of Everquest, and I have been involved in a lot of them since then. I do not like most of the MMO’s in the world, however, I do enjoy a few. I have a few MMO’s that I like to revisit every now and then, and I would think that these MMO’s would benefit from Classic servers.

Classic servers are a hot topic in the community these days, with a variety of games releasing them organically through small updates, or requiring them to be enabled in your settings to play. Many games have found success with classic servers, but what about when we look at the games that would actually benefit from them? This is what this article will be about.

For the longest time, many people have felt that MMORPGs were too complex and difficult for them to understand. People more familiar with games from the past have found that the genre has evolved over the years to a point where many have lost interest. While this is not the case for all, many MMORPGs have failed to keep players engaged. One of the most common complaint is that players just don’t have a reason to play MMORPGs anymore. MMORPGs are so complex that it is hard for most people to get into them, as it is hard to understand what’s going on, especially if you’re not an avid player. This is largely because of the inability to lag free servers.. Read more about best mmorpg 2020 and let us know what you think.

Effing OOPS

The problem with having a traditional server for many MMORPGs is this: It doesn’t accomplish much. In order for a vintage server to make sense, the game must have undergone significant enough modifications that the current edition no longer resembles the previous version in any significant manner. Even if the obvious issues with it no longer being officially active were ignored, City of Heroes on a vintage server would just remain City of Heroes with fewer content.

Of course, this isn’t to suggest that traditional servers aren’t useful for certain games. There have undoubtedly been significant changes to MMOs, and while those changes may have been good, there is still a completely distinct version of the game that is no longer accessible or approachable on current servers. So, let’s take a look at several games that might really benefit from a vintage server, regardless of whether or not you’d want to play on it.

I didn't exist!

Final Fantasy XIV is the first game in the Final Fantasy series.

Folks, I played the original Final Fantasy XIV, and it was a dreadful experience. It had its charms, and there were some unique elements that I liked, and I’m happy I played it for a variety of reasons. However, many of those reasons have more to do with the fact that it drove me to play the game that currently exists, a game that is so much superior that it isn’t even funny. But… not everyone got to play 1.0, and I believe there’s some validity to the notion that, with the game’s popularity skyrocketing, some may want to revisit the beginnings.

To be fair, when Naoki Yoshida was questioned about it, he laughed and said it was a horrible idea, and I don’t blame him. No one is screaming for this because the original edition was a superior game, but rather because it was a game that a lot of people missed out on. It seems improbable in the extreme. But I can see how the advantage of all that inquiry might be beneficial.

No Man’s Sky is the second game in the No Man’s Sky series.

I’m not sure whether the original No Man’s Sky was a game I would like playing; I never tried it since it didn’t seem to be one. I didn’t need a game to make me feel lonely and isolated, any more than I needed a game to make me feel like I was drinking seltzer. But it’s undeniable that the current version of the game differs significantly from the more isolated experience that existed when the game originally debuted, and I know for a fact that some individuals enjoyed that initial edition.

Like the last example, there’s an irony in the fact that the game has grown in popularity to the point that people may like playing the version that the current game developed to replace. That isn’t to say that those who desire it don’t have a good reason to want it.


Star Wars: The Old Republic (Star Wars: The Old Republic) (Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic gives me a lot of conflicting emotions. I once wrote a whole essay on how its more solo-focused finale hooked me over, and it still holds true now. At the same time, though… there were issues back then, and there are still problems today, aided in no way by the fact that it gradually replaced features that made the game less engaging rather than more interesting. It also doesn’t help that the game appears to alter its opinion about what the best way to play is every now and again, making the entire process even more tiresome.

If you want me to be really honest, I’d be delighted if we simply had a roleplaying server back. That was a small part of what made me dislike the game.

4. The Mysterious World

So, what exactly are you saying? Is it true that these servers exist? So, what exactly are you saying? This was the version of the game that fans wanted, not the Secret World Legends version, which was at best a sidegrade and at worst a downgrade without truly addressing the game’s major issues? Really? So, I suppose we’re done with this, aren’t we?

Funcom, I’m serious.

I suppose.


Take my thoughts on RIFT with a grain of salt, since I’ve never been a big fan of the game, but I did find it more fascinating when it was a little more obscure. While the game has grown and developed over time and hasn’t made any major modifications to its fundamental concepts, there’s something to be said for the more disjointed and unbalanced version that was available at launch.

Unfortunately, although I believe there is real desire based on RIFT Prime, it seems that the game’s current proprietors have little interest in repeating the experiment, owing in no small part to… you know, shutting it down. So, that’s a letdown. Or maybe you forgot about RIFT Prime, which might be significant.

6. Galaxies from the Star Wars universe

While I don’t like for or care about this game, the NGE is like the flagship entry in a long list of significant game updates that completely skewed the experience to the point that a distinct separating line between the new and old versions was created. Our editor-in-chief has said many times that many of the game’s greatest features emerged after the NGE was introduced, but I do not believe that this makes the NGE a smart design. Just one of them did, and it resulted in some excellent things.

Fortunately for fans, in these age of rogue servers for the game, you have the choice of playing the old version, the newer version, or the older version with material from the new version while carefully circling around the things that no one wants. Variety is the spice of life.

aw hell

WildStar (number 7)

Is this the version of WildStar that isn’t obsessed with “hardcore”? No? So, this is simply my way of expressing my desire for the game to return in some form. This is the one I’m really interested in.

8. Dungeons & Dragons Online

I know a lot of these have been stupid, but this one is simply a simple statement that the game has evolved a lot over the years, and having a version of the game as it was initially intended would be fascinating. This is particularly true if we’re talking about a version before to the free-to-play conversion, which was what initially drew a lot of people to the game; it’d be fascinating to see whether that popularity carried over to a subscription “classic” server.


Alganon (nine)

Look, I don’t believe that a traditional version of Alganon is something that most people desire. I don’t believe that any form of Alganon is appealing to the majority of people. But, considering that the game’s operational philosophy has always seemed to be to imitate World of Warcraft as much as possible, wouldn’t this be a perfect chance for a new kind of copying?

To be honest, I think most players who care about Alganon would be pleased simply to have it playable again; it’s been down for years, and the owner was still promising to bring it back up in April.

Lineage II (#10)

Oh, wait, this one occurred in real life. So, kudos to them! Who’s up for a pizza date later?

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While MMORPGs are more popular than ever before, it’s not all that surprising that many games have since been abandoned. The MMORPG FFXIV, for instance, was created back in 2012, yet it still hasn’t gone through a launch patch. However, it’s not because the game is bad, but rather because there are simply too many necessary features for it to be taken seriously by players.. Read more about most popular mmos of all time and let us know what you think.

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