Survarium is a survivor FPS that features PVE and PVP. The game has been in early access for 7 years, with the aim of releasing as an AAA title to give players a complete experience. The developers have finally decided it’s time to release the final version and stop supporting the game under development any longer., which will result in sunsetting after May 5th 2019.

The “what time will sunset be today” is a post-apoc survival FPS that has been in early access for seven years. The game is set to sunset on May 1st after which it will no longer be playable.

Post-apoc survival FPS Survarium will sunset in May after seven years in early access


Early access does not automatically imply that a game will be released, particularly if it does not attract a large enough audience within that time. Survarium, a survival FPS with a post-apocalyptic scenario launched to Steam early access by developer Vostok Games in April 2015, seems to fall in this category, since the company has announced the game’s closure in May of this year.

The post includes a timeline of events leading up to the shutdown, including development updates until the end of March, the end of technical support and the closure of the cash shop in April, and an in-game event in mid-May to commemorate the shooter just before the servers go dark and Survarium is removed from Steam. There were no refunds mentioned, but in April, all players will get 50,000 gold and 500,000 silver to spend on any weapons and equipment they choose.

Vostok abandoned the game and continued on with their launch record, as its second project, a battle royale shooter named Fear the Wolves, was eventually released but hasn’t received any post-launch upgrades since February 2019. Regardless, the company will “completely concentrate on [a] new project currently in production,” according to the release.

The time has come to close the book of #Survarium. This decision has been under consideration for a long time, but we delayed it as much as we could because we realize how important and special the project has become to many of you.

— Survarium (@SurvariumVG) February 7, 2022


  • when does the sunrise tomorrow
  • which way does the sunset
  • sunset april 10 2021
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