Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular FPS games these days. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started on your gaming journey with ease.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that has been released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The top 7 MUST KNOW tips & tricks for Rainbow Six Extraction to help you dominate the battlefield.

Rainbow Six Extraction Top 7 MUST KNOW Tips & Tricks

The latest Tom Clancy game is far more than a simple Call of Duty: Zombies clone. This list of must know tips & tricks for Rainbow Six Extraction covers everything from earning the most amount of experience points possible, to carefully choosing your team of Operators based on the objectives ahead.

Check out our in-depth guide on finding the ideal Operators for each goal.

Increasing EXP

Increasing EXP Because your total account level determines when you may access additional Operators, areas, and technology branches, you’ll want to level up as quickly as possible. It’s worth remembering that how you’re awarded is heavily influenced by your level of difficulty. You will receive less experience points if you fulfill all three goals in a mission on simple than if you complete two objectives on the following level up.

The final score determines how many experience points you receive. Use stealth kills and tech to boost your score. Killing nests in stealth with a takedown will provide you with considerably more experience than just shooting them. Similarly, properly using grenades and Operator skills, like as scanning, awards even more experience points.

Know When To Call It A Day

Know When To Call It A Day Certain game goals are substantially more difficult than others. To fulfill a goal in Triangulate, for example, you just need to visit a few consoles. Hunt, on the other hand, requires you to kill multiple Elite foes. In Extraction, determining what tasks lie ahead is an important part of the strategy layer. Communicate with your squad members, look at which Operators you’re employing to concentrate on each target, and determine how terrible things will become before you want to leave. For successfully extracting, you gain a 90% boost to experience points, so it’s something to think about before loading into the next Sub-Zone.

Removal of Blinding Spores

Removal of Blinding Spores The creators conceal these annoying tiny yellow spores in all kinds of uncomfortable locations, and they’re called Blinding Spores. When an Operator approaches too near to the spores, they stick together and finally burst, inflicting minor harm and blinding the Operator. However, you only have a few seconds until they detonate, which is where this advice comes in. Friendly fire isn’t an issue on lesser difficulty levels since your squad members can blast the spores off your body before they erupt. To remove the spores, you may use stun grenades, frag grenades, and other similar things on yourself.

Do not flee, and do not take refuge in a bunker.

Do not flee, and do not take refuge in a bunker. The Archaen troops’ backbone in Rainbow Six Extraction is their nests. When an adversary is notified and howls, all surrounding dormant nests are instantly awakened. After that, these nests will start generating foes in fast succession. If you notify opposing troops, don’t run or hide in a corner expecting the attack to cease; it won’t. Instead, connect with your teammates and execute a coordinated attack on all adjacent nests, allowing you to resume stealth mode and complete the job.

Weapons, both silent and audible, are essential.

Weapons, both silent and audible, are essential. Although many of the game’s goals require stealth, some do not. Silenced weapons are excellent for eliminating foes one by one, reducing the enemy force to a manageable size. However, using the stealth brush in every scenario is not a straightforward task in Rainbow Six Extraction. Some of the more powerful Archaens will be able to withstand a lot of the damage that silent weapons may do. Switching to normal weaponry or shotguns will knock these adversaries down, allowing you to kill them. It’s never a bad idea to have a silenced weapon on hand in case your stealth is compromised. A conventional weapon will usually deliver twice as much damage as a silent weapon.

Intelligence Is Crucial To Your Success

Intelligence Is Crucial To Your Success Extraction, like Siege, is mainly focused on obtaining information before rushing headfirst into a crisis. Scan Grenades and the XR Recon Drone are excellent tools. You’ll want to make sure that at least one Operator carries the drone into every operation since it helps you identify objectives faster, detect nests, and locate stealth adversaries. Focus on your research tree and earn more tech points to acquire the XR Recon Drone, a drone that automatically analyzes all targets.

It’s Vital to Manage Your Roster

It's Vital to Manage Your Roster There’s a strong possibility your roster may suffer some major harm as time goes on, whether it’s due to missing team members or injuries. It’s crucial to note that in Extraction, you can’t cure your health. Any healing, whether from a Medkit or an Operator’s ability like Doc, grants you temporary HP that depletes over time. The Operator’s fundamental health will never improve. As a result, your Operator will be wounded if you take too much damage during a mission.

After that, you must heal them before continuing. The greater your mission score is, the more health is restored to your Operators. If you’re running short on team members, don’t be afraid to dial down the difficulty a notch or two to get your squad back to full strength.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get good at extraction in Rainbow Six?

A: To get good at extraction in Rainbow Six, you need to keep your head low when moving and use the right weapon for the job. This will give you a tactical advantage over an opponent that is unaware of whats going on around them.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction too hard?

A: Rainbow Six Extraction is not too difficult, but you still need a good strategy or team work to complete it.

Can you take down an apex in extraction?

A: No, an apex cannot be taken down in extraction mode.

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