It’s been almost a year since the Retro-Bit Entertainment System was released and now it’s finally here. Featuring an old school design, this innovative console is perfect for retro lovers of all ages. Reviews are just getting out so we haven’t had time to see if it’s worth your hard-earned money or not (yet).

The “retro bowl review” is a game that was released on the Nintendo Switch. The game has been worth the wait, and it’s a great title for anyone who loves old-school sports games.

Retro Bowl on Nintendo Switch: Worth the Wait

Retro Bowl, if you’re anything like me, appeared out of nowhere in January 2020. It drew me in with its addicting and straightforward gameplay, and it was almost hard for me to put it down for more than a few minutes. A game that was first published on mobile devices, it captured the hearts and minds of both new and veteran players alike, and received critical praise from just about everyone who took the time to play it. Retro Bowl is now available on the Nintendo Switch, so how did the switch go?

Switching To A Retro Bowl Is Well Worth The Wait

Retro Bowl, for those who are unaware, is a football game created and released by New Star Games. It’s a game that resembles a cross between Tecmo-Bowl and Joe Montana Football. The game provides an easy-to-learn experience with a dynamic difficulty level that appeals to a wide range of players.

cover-1024x576Retro Bowl Switch

It doesn’t have the genuine NFL license, but it has the same layout as a true NFL licensed title, just with clubs that are similar to those in the current NFL. Have no fear, those who value genuineness. Retro Bowl does enable you to alter the rosters as you see fit and replicate the current NFL chronology as well as any past periods.

The creators have done an excellent job of maintaining the game’s support and introducing new and enhanced features. They’re also quite engaged with the community, receiving suggestions and attempting to either implement or explain why certain ideas won’t work with the game’s architecture.

For a long time, I assumed that my pleasure of Retro Bowl would be limited to mobile devices or web browsers. Thankfully, New Star Games and Nintendo were able to collaborate in this way. With so many other alternatives and not being a huge mobile lover, I had recently set Retro Bowl to the side. However, as soon as I started playing Retro Bowl on Switch, my original thrill returned.

What Was Once Old Is Now New

Game-play-1024x576Retro Bowl Switch

I tried playing Retro Bowl with the built-in controls undocked (handheld mode) at first, and it took some getting used to, particularly passing with the Switch’s iconic nub-style analog sticks. Within a few offensive drives, I was able to understand the control scheme and gain a feel for passing and kicking, and it quickly felt like an old glove.

All of my previous choices were available in the palm of my hand, but on a larger screen and with genuine controls. Some could argue that the visual experience on my iPhone 13 Pro isn’t all that different from that on the Switch. In some ways, this is correct, but the overall experience of playing on the Nintendo Switch was significantly superior than that of mobile.


Even when Retro Bowl was not docked, the Nintendo Switch screen performed an incredible job at displaying all of the details and emotions with no input lag. Both docked and undocked, the game appeared similar in terms of graphics (which I discuss more below), but Retro Bowl simply feels like a better match for the Switch than for mobile.

The Big Screen Up Above

Retro Bowl was also played docked, using the huge screen and a Nintendo Switch Pro controller. My sole worry was whether or not there would be any input latency during a passing or kicking sequence, which there was none.

In fact, witnessing Retro Bowl on the big screen was almost weird at first, and a little overwhelming. Retro Bowl had previously been playable on a larger screen using different casting and cable hookup methods. In any case, this was my first time playing, and the game was perfect.

front-office-1024x576Retro Bowl Switch

If you asked me what I preferred after playing Retro Bowl both docked and undocked on the large screen, I’d choose docked. Once I began playing the game on the huge screen, the memories of playing Tecmo Bowl came flooding back, and it was just amazing to see all of the action unfold.

The passing and kicking grew a little simpler as time went on when playing on the bigger screen, and there were several things that I caught up on that were more visible watching the action on such a wide scale.


At the end of the day, both Nintendo and New Star deserve a lot of respect for working together and offering what I believe to be the ideal landing location for this game. It has taken over everything of the original’s fun, excitement, and addictiveness to mobile, and in some ways has improved upon it.

If you’re worried that it’ll be more of the same, but on a new system, you’re right. Nonetheless, the Retro Bowl experience on the Switch is the ideal blend of portability and enjoyment. You also don’t have to choose between the two since the Switch can do both.

Rarely does a football game come along that allows you to experience a franchise, a draft, and the opportunity to alter all of this in such a fun and accessible manner. Retro Bowl provides just that, and the Nintendo Switch version has improved the experience even further.

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