With the rise of AAA gaming, a fine line has been drawn between the old-school and the old-school-new school. I don’t mean to use that phrase, but that’s essentially what happened with retro gaming. It progressed at a breakneck pace and left behind a trail of trash. What’s funny is that in the 60s and 70s, every person was doing a “retro” game. They were using the most primitive methods to create the most primitive games. But the level of quality held up. I’m not saying that the AAA industry is doing the same thing, but that retro at the end of 2018 is the same as retro at the beginning of 2018.

You know that feeling of nostalgia you get when you go back in time? You feel like you are a child again, watching your favorite childhood movies. RetroMania Wrestling Review – Paying Homage the Right Way is exactly that. It is an homage to one of the original WWE video games that was released in the mid 90s for the Genesis/Mega Drive console. This game was a hit with wrestling fans and gave rise to countless wrestling video games.

When the RetroMania wrestling game was released, I wrote a review that pointed out that while the game had some cool features, it got off to a rough start. A few months later, I decided to give it another go. And with the release of the first DLC, I decided to give it a third go. Is RetroMania Wrestling 2 a game worth your time? Or is it time to move on to some other game? Read on to find out…

For 30 years, wrestling fans have been waiting for the sequel to WWF Wrestlefest. This timeless arcade game was released in 1991 and immediately became a classic. But how’s the sequel to WWF Wrestlefest coming along? Find out now in the RetroMania Wrestling review. (Before I go any further, let me clarify that this is based on the Steam version. The console versions of RetroMania Wrestling have been delayed somewhat, but should be out in the next few weeks.

What I like – RetroManiaWrestling review


Grids and arenas

The first thing fans will notice when downloading RetroMania is the resemblance to the game that started it all. There’s an old-fashioned wrestling atmosphere. From the music to the menus to the 16-bit wrestlers, the developers have done an excellent job of bringing the past to the present. The same good vibes are reflected in the game’s charming cast and settings. For some, the RetroManialineup will be familiar, but for others it will be very different. A unique program centered around many of the current superstars of the NWA features familiar names from major wrestling promotions around the world including Nick Aldis, Zach Saber Jr, Jeff Cobb, Colt Cabana, Matt Cardona, bWo, Hawk, Enimal and many more! The main event revolves around a character named Johnny Retro, who looks a lot like John Morrison from the WWE. There are many characters to choose from, but I did most of my work with Jeff Cobb, Warhorse, and Tommy Dreamer. Here is an overview of the current range. word-image-5963 As well as the many superstars at your disposal, the arenas and locations are also part of what makes wrestling so special. Many of these classic rings have found their way into the game, including the NWA 70th Anniversary Arena, Bash at the Beach (not really), NWA Powerrr, the original Hardcore House, the classic RetroMania, Japan and many more. There are also a few character-specific rings, like Austin Idol’s wrestling academy, Stevie Richards’ gym, Warhorse Hell, and even the Pro Wrestling Tea warehouse. More importantly, they promise lots of add-ons and DLC throughout the game. (RetroMania has already released the first set of DLC, featuring Impact superstar Chris Bay, for free. Two other superstars, Cowboy James Storm and Mr. Hughes, are available for with a small).

Historical mode

word-image-16551 Although the game advertises 50 different match options, the main match types are: singles, Triple Threat, Fatal Four, Battle Royal, Elimination Tag and Steel Cage. The most interesting is undoubtedly the steel cage, but participating in and winning a battle royale is one of the most satisfying achievements in a wrestling video game. But what RetroMania really excels at are its two single-player game modes: History and 10 guestbooks. 10 pound gold word-image-16552 This game mode is a traditional ladder (think Mortal Kombat) where you must climb each rung to reach the top of the mountain, or in this case, Nick Aldis and the NWA title. I chose to play with Jeff Cobb, New Japan’s current wrestler, and I have to say I really enjoyed the ride. It was a good way to introduce individual wrestlers to occasional players. Reaching the gold, however, was no easy task. After choosing Cobb, I began my rise and gradually defeated superstars like Colt Cabana and Matt Cardona. As could be expected, things got tougher as the title fight approached. I’ve definitely taken a few L’s, and I’m not afraid to admit it. In the end, I beat Nick Aldis and became NWA World Champion. But then the real fun started. It was my turn to defend my title, which seemed a little harder than my fame. I really enjoyed the book 10 golden books. My only fear is that it will get boring after a cycle or two, regardless of which wrestler is chosen. Nonetheless, this mode was entertaining, as was the main single-player mode. History word-image-16553 Ten gold books are fun, but the real gem of RetroMania Wrestling is the story mode. Here, fans are led by Johnny Retro (aka the John Morrison clone), who just finished rehabbing from a serious, career-threatening injury. Before he can get back on his feet, he will have to endure a training session with Stevie Richards. These exercises or tutorials are really the best way to experience RetroMania. (I also really wanted to know that he was buried in the story mode from the beginning). Once Retro gets his powers back, he’ll enter the indie scene to regain his fame and notoriety. My favorite part, which sets the story mode apart from the 10 mode, is that you can communicate with the wrestlers backstage. As the story progresses, these choices will affect your character, the answers, and how the story progresses. I don’t want to give too much away, but players have the ability to turn Retro into a head or a heel. The developers have also promised that there will be many twists and surprises along the way.

Oh, you can buy the RetroMania Wrestlingarcade cabinet.

I don’t have an arcade cabinet, but I thought it would be fun to have one. word-image-16554 The furniture has been designed by IIrcade and is expected to be delivered in April.

What I don’t like – RetroManiaWrestling review

Difficulties and learning curve

As with any video game, the enjoyment of the game depends not only on the difficulty of the game, but also on how quickly you master the controls. Both can be difficult to understand at first, which was the case with WWF Wrestlefest. Maybe that’s where much of the responsibility lies. The grip system, which largely revolves around a ghostly timing system that you can only really understand by playing the game, is an homage to classic 90s games (think Fire Pro Wrestling). RetroMania is a grappler, so three of the four buttons on your gamepad are dedicated to three different moves: strong (B button), weak (A button), and X (medium). These buttons are not exclusive to these commands. But again, the hardest part is understanding how the acquisition system works. Your ability to successfully perform tricks and gain an advantage in the game largely depends on keystrokes, or at least it often seems that way. word-image-16555 This time-based system relies heavily on the momentum of your wrestler. If you try to make a move without the proper momentum, themove will almost always be nullified by your opponent. Sometimes it’s frustrating. Another small problem I encountered was participating in races with more than two participants – it became a bit more chaotic with each additional participant. The good news in all of this, however, is that the game has a solid tutorial buried in the story mode.


word-image-16556 RetroMania Wrestling is a beautiful tribute to the game that started it all. It’s a game that many of us remember fondly after playing at our favorite arcade, skating rink or bowling alley. Without a WWF license, RetroMania Wrestling still shines with a roster made up of current NWA superstars, legends and some of the biggest names in pro wrestling. You can’t take this game and start dominating right away. It’s going to take a while. But once you get the hang of it, it’s hard to put the controller down. It may have taken over 30 years to develop, but the talented developers at Retrosoft Studios have achieved everything I hoped they would. It’s not perfect, but what RetroMania Wrestling accomplished after a three-decade hiatus should be noted. Retrosoft Studios has laid the groundwork for an arcade wrestling video game that should stand the test of time.

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