RS Mobile is finally available for iOS and Android, and it allows you to play RuneScape on the go. It’s a game that’s released a lot of iterations, so it’ll be interesting to see how things go.

Today’s update is kind of a big deal for those of you who have spent hundreds of hours playing RuneScape and want to play it on your phone, tablet, or otherwise portable device. But even for those of you who have never played before, this is a big day because it marks the first time that RuneScape Mobile is officially available on iOS and Android!

word-image-10324 The mobile launch of RuneScape had some good/bad problems: It’s too popular for its own good: 1.8 million mobile registrations had been recorded before the event had even started, thanks to a promotion. Despite the deluge of downloads that plagued theentry yesterday, Jagex has officially released the game on iOS and Android as of today; it’s fully cross-platform and your one-time subscription works on both platforms, though of course you can play in F2P. RuneScape’s mobile expansion brings full cross-platforming and progression to the game, allowing players to move from PC to mobile platforms and back again. The game includes all quests, characters, history and locations from the game’s 20-year history live. New players can also experience the benefits of RuneScape membership with a 7-day free trial. The game’s long-awaited arrival to mobile stores is in response to more than 1.8 million pre-registrations from mobile gamers in the lead-up to its launch. Those who have pre-registered RuneScape on mobile devices will now join the millions of mobile players already using RuneScape on Android and iOS through the Early Access program. We’ve been waiting a hell of a long time for this launch – hell is the technical term for four years, because yes, Jagex announced this mobile version back in 2017. As Jagex explained in an interview earlier this month, the extra time was needed to refine the user interface and controls of a complex old-school MMO moving to a completely different platform. You can see the new trailer below, which incidentally mentions the fun fact that players have created 290 million accounts in the game.

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