The Shadowman Remastered game is an amazing hidden object adventure game, with a beautifully creepy atmosphere and lots of puzzles to solve. To help you get through the levels with ease, we’ve put together this list of all secret locations that can be found in the game.

The “shadow man remastered item locations” is a guide that will help you find all of the items in Shadowman Remastered. The guide includes screenshots and text to make it easy for users to locate the items.

Shadowman Remastered Secrets Locations Guide

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Shadowman: The Secrets of the Shadowman has been remastered. Locations Guide

Welcome to the Shadowman: The Secrets of the Shadowman has been remastered. locations guide that helps you find the total of 19 Secrets locations in the Switch, PS4, Xbox One & PC action-adventure game.

All 19 Secret locations must be found and picked up to unlock cheats in the “Secrets” menu, as well as the following Achievements / Trophies:

  • The narrator shouts, “Ooooh yes!” Find a hidden object (15 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy)
  • Uncover all riddles with “Seer of All Things” (Gold Trophy) (50 Gamerscore).

The following is a chronology for all of the Secrets locations in the game.

Index of Shadowman Remastered Guides:

Shadowman: The Secrets of the Shadowman has been remastered.

All the secrets from the original N64, Dreamcast & PC versions are included in this remaster.

Uncovering the Keys to Unlocking Cheats may be found in the “Secrets” section of the “Main Menu.” Go to the location indicated below and strike a certain spot to trigger each hack. The blinking teddy bear on the screen proves this.

Cheat What Is A Cheat Code And How Do I Get One? (Secret Locations)
Area 51 (UFOs) & Book of Shadows Marrow Gates – At the beginning of the level, turn left and climb up the blood waterfall. On Shadow level 10, open the Coffin Gate.
Mode for People with Big Heads At Cathedral of Pain, descend the shaft into the lava. Locate the spinning blades, then down the left side of the pole to a hole.
Shoes to Make You Laugh Restore power to New York’s Mordant Street Ascend to level 3, enter the door on the right, and turn around. Over the two falling boards, do a double leap.
Disco Mode Gardelle County Jail – Go to the spot where you’ll fight the helicopter and destroy it. Then go to the tunnel to the right of the entrance.
Burning Mode (Alternate) Flambeau – Go to the top of the blood pool area’s corridor and use the Flambeau on one of the skin doors to get to the cheat.
Burning Mode Temple Of Fire – A chamber with two blood waterfalls and two different ramps that go around the area. Climb the ramp and fire the second panel to release the tunnel. After entering the building, take the huge ramp to the top. Leap over the railing to the left to reach a hidden path in the wall.
The Giant Stetson’s Mode (Mexican Hat) Kill the two snipers before leaping into the U-shaped pipe from the right-hand ledge, climbing to the next ledge, and leaping into the next ledge.
Unseen Man is a story about a man who lives in the shadows. Asylum: Playrooms – The playroom cells are placed in the middle unoccupied cell (with a pool table and a playpen).
Pea Soup On the London Underground, go to the middle stall in the women’s bathroom.
Play as though you’re a canine Exit the church and look to your left for a square raised platform; slide down with the calabash and discover the secret! Woof!
Assume the guise of Deadwing. Enter the little space accessible from the Temple Of Blood’s platform knocked down by the massive hammer.
Playing as Duppie is a lot of fun. In the Wasteland, go down the 4th Loa Offering Hallway: Temple of Life.
Take over Nettie’s position. In the Temple of Prophecy, enter the “Flambeau maze.” Finding your way to the center of the room on the ground level is relatively simple.
Positioning of the Shotgun Head Kill the obese boss in the Gardelle County Jail, then search for a hole to fall through. Open the security gates to the red cells and go to the furthest left cell.
Mode Psychedelic Follow the passage to the left of the bridge until you reach a room with a Govi and several containers, which is the gateway to Asylum. Ascend to the tops of the rafters.
FPS Mode In the Asylum: Experimental Rooms, go to the other side of the massive fan. Take a step towards it, pushing against the fan’s air resistance until you’re right up against it.
Assume the position of Beta Shadow Man. The Marcher Gad is required for Cageways Asylum. After taking the railway to the Cageways main entrance or warping there with Luke’s Teddy Bear, you’ll see a series of ventilation tubes running over the terrain above the coal mine below. Go to the far-right vent in front of the cable car. Turn your back on the open tunnel ahead and jump as close as you can to it (you won’t make it, but that’s OK).
Dead Side Guns is one of my favorite games. Swimming in a summer camp in Florida necessitates the use of the L’Eclipser. The underground mines have an elevator shaft that goes to the bottom. After leaping over the little gap ahead, turn around and leap to the area below. Keep to the right side of the cave network until you have to jump over a gap in the route intersection. Continue straight ahead through the next crossroads and around the corner, then take the first right.
Wireframe Mode (Wireframe Mode) (Wireframe Mode) Marrow Gates need Shadow Level 10 to open. To use the Level 10 Shadow Gate to open the right-side blood fall, walk away from the path and climb the right-side blood fall.

What are the many Secrets in Shadowman Remastered used for? The in-game Secrets are shown in this thorough video tutorial.

Shadow Man: All Secrets Remastered (PC)

That’s all there is to it! You have complete access to all Shadowman Remastered secrets! 🙂

I hope these suggestions assisted you in uncovering all of the game’s mysteries.

Check read our other “How To” instructions at the top of this page to get the most out of Shadowman Remastered.

MrGamer42100, thank you very much for the video and suggestions.

Please comment if you have any additional Shadowman: The Secrets of the Shadowman has been remastered. location tips of your own, we’ll give you credit for it. – Thanks for visiting!

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The “shadow man remastered achievement guide” is a guide that will help you find all the secrets in the game. The guide includes locations of all the secrets, as well as tips and tricks on how to get them.

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