After a long hiatus, it appears that Game Pass has finally brought back its game shredder (the service’s name for games you can play without owning). The Shreddy is available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but what makes this game worth your time? Let us find out.

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Shredders Review: The Right Game for Game Pass

While my enthusiasm for all things snowboarding in video games has decreased in recent years, with memories of the SSX series steadily fading, I continue to hope that the sport will resurface in the mainstream. Foolish? Perhaps, but that was the extent to which things like SSX and Amped had an influence on games at one time. Plus, skateboarding has seen something of a revival in recent years, and games like Riders Republic are dabbling in all kinds of “extreme” sports, so why can’t snowboarding? With Shredders being available on Game Pass, it seems like the appropriate time to write this Review of Shredders and evaluate whether it’s the correct game for today.

Review of Shredders

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What I Enjoy

The Instructions

While I like snowboarding games, I have gained all of my expertise and skills via playing video games or watching extreme sports on television. By acknowledging this, I’m also conceding that a game in this genre must be user-friendly and have a tutorial system with access to the whole repertoire of moves.


Shredders accomplishes this by providing an on-screen tutorial system that is simple to follow, understand, and allows for quick repetition through a “re-shred” system that allows me to try new moves and combos until the all-important muscle memory reaction kicks in and allows me to move on to the next set of moves and combos.

Even better, the game has an open instructional software that runs throughout the game, but in a less obtrusive manner.


While this resembles the instructional program in Shredders, the control scheme is exactly as simple and straightforward as the tutorial system. This is, in my opinion, a fantastic decision by the creators, and they deserve all the praise for giving such a simple set of settings.


Even though I have a large repertoire of movements at my disposal, the game presents the controls and skills to combine these moves in a basic manner that permits accessibility and the ability to master most, if not all, of the moves over time.

What’s more, the game’s simplicity in terms of control enabled me to concentrate on the game itself and enjoy whichever strategy I chose. Whether you’re playing the narrative mode, multiplayer, or just riding down the mountain, nailing the rails, hitting the jumps, and punching the flags, you’ll have a blast.

Gameplay And Physics

Shredders‘ physics and the control and tutorial system tie together exceptionally well. All three of these facets require connectivity for the game to flow well because if the physics are inconsistent then you start to question the controls. Here in Shredders, the Gameplay And Physics are every bit as solid as the controls and tutorials.


The sensation of snow under the board is genuine and immersive, and navigating around obstacles is just as natural as it is on a board or skis in real life. The approach to moving, leaping, and landing is more accurate, and although I like an over-the-top gaming style in these sorts of games, the game benefits from the natural and realistic approach.

The game has a realistic feel to it, yet it allows you experience every bump and leap, as well as the sense of height and exhilaration at the top of a jump.

Shredders-Screenshot-2022Review of Shredders

Shredders is a fantastic simulation of how to move through snow, how to leap off slopes, and how difficult landings may be, and the control scheme puts the outcomes of each effort in your hands.

What I Don’t Care For

Mode of Narration

Without giving too much away about the plot of Shredders, I’ll say that the emphasis is on a tiny production company called Indy540, which has gone to the hills in quest of some social media star with charm on camera and hill talents.

In these days of “everyone’s a star,” this sounds like a decent and current approach, but the plot and voice acting provided numerous cringe-worthy moments, making me grateful I was able to skip through many of these sequences.


Every game like this needs a Mode of Narration. The need or necessity is understandable, but if the idea of creating a story-driven game like this is the route taken, asking for some production value and value-added scenarios seems reasonable. Again, much of the story and cutscenes can be skipped, and my instinct says many of you who haven’t played the title yet will do just that.

User-Interface Design

There are worse problems to have than a confusing or messy User-Interface Design. Still, the menu system in Shredders feels like one of the many early betas I have been involved with over the years where only part of the title is accessible. The menu system is clunky and odd in its format, and it feels like a chore trying to navigate around even after becoming familiar with it over time.

Shredders-Screenshot-2022Review of Shredders

This is even more of a problem for me since the game has a unique in-game replay system that lets you to edit, cut, and create some amazing images and films while maintaining a simple and user-friendly interface. Again, it’s not the end of the world, and finding and locating the alternatives wasn’t particularly difficult; rather, it was fragmented and inconvenient at best.

Longevity Issues

There aren’t many obvious flaws with Shredders, which is usually a plus, but the biggest concern I have is lifespan. Now, if you have Game Pass, this isn’t a problem, but if you’re paying $29.99 (USD), keep in mind that Shredders isn’t a really deep game.

Although not every game is designed to be Elden Ring or Skyrim, I found Shredders to be entertaining in spurts but forgettable and simple to put down after each session. If you have access to the game via Game Pass, though, acquiring this tribute to comparable former games is a no-brainer.


Shredders didn’t hit the nostalgia button quite the way I expected, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solid snowboarding game hidden behind the shoddy UI and bland Mode of Narration. From the easy to learn mechanics to the excellent tutorial system and solid graphics and lighting, Shredders offers a high level of fun. I just have concerns about how long the fun will last, but that concern is mitigated if your approach to Shredders is a “pick up and occasionally play” type of title.

Shredders are unlikely to bring up ideas of SSX and other similar vehicles. Nonetheless, it portrays snowboarding in a lighthearted, approachable, and realistic manner that is incredibly pleasant in short doses.

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