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This is a guide to completing the expected long and grueling quest “Blood on the Ice” in “Skyrim”. This quest involves the rescue of a NPC, the violent murder of a dragon, the retrieval of a magical artifact, and a lot of combat with draugr.

Skyrim Blood On The Ice is a murder mystery, and if you want to succeed in this quest, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will learn each step to complete the quest Skyrim Blood On The Ice.

Skyrim Blood on Ice Search Command Guide Online

If there is a game, there is always a way to complete it, and there are rewards for completing the game. The difference is in the rewards you get for completing the game. The beginning and end of the game are just as important as the journey you take through the game. The journey can be as simple or as complex, it depends entirely on the game. One such part of the journey is the Skyrim quest known as Skyrim Blood On The Ice Quest, which most people try to complete despite the complexity of the process. If you want to complete this search, find the instructions below.

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What is Skyrim Blood on Ice?

Skyrim Blood On The Ice Quest in the game Skyrim focuses on a murder mystery, where the player is tasked with solving a murderer roaming the streets of Windhelm. This quest is different because there are many different paths the player can take to complete it, and compared to most side quests, it offers great rewards.

Skyrim Blood on the Ice

Steps to complete thequest in Skyrim Blood On The Ice

To complete the quest Skyrim Blood On The Ice Quest , you need to follow the steps below.


Steps: Skyrim Blood on Ice quest
Enter the Windhelm crime scene
Report to the guards and investigate the crime scene.
Go to Hjerim and meet Viola.
Investigate Hjerim.
Identify the owner of the strange amulet
Confrontation with Woonfirth
Patrolling the Steinviertel at night
Hold the butcher responsible
Talk to Jorleif.

Step 1: Entering the crime scene at Windhelm

To begin the quest, you must travel to Windhelm between 7 pm and 7 am in-game. If the player meets both conditions, he will see a crime scene in the town’s cemetery, to the left of the front door.

Skyrim Blood on the Ice

Step 2: Report to guardhouse and investigate crime scene

Now that you’ve discovered that a murder has been committed, you must inform the guards, and the interesting thing is that they already know that a murder has been committed, because this is not the first murder in Windhelm. In addition, you or the player will now investigate the crime scene.

Step 3: Go to Hierim and meet Viola

If you talk to Thora, you get access to Hjerim’s key. The player can get the key just by talking to it. When you enter the house and see the pamphlet, look for the writer of the pamphlet, Viola Giordano.

Skyrim Blood on Ice Quest Guide

Step 4: Investigation of Hjerim

After you ask Viola for help, you have to explore Hjerim. As soon as you enter, you will notice that it is a scattered house with few objects. You can go to any object to examine it, and if you have the Viola you bought with you, you can talk to her and she will tell you that no examination is possible because of the civil war.

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Step 5: Identify the owner of the alien amulet

In Chierim, you will find a strange amulet. If you take it to Wuunfert or Calixto, they will give you a golden reward.

Skyrim-Blood-on-the-ice-Quest – Find out the owner of the strange amulet

Step 6: Opposite House Firth

Wunfert is the odd one out because he’s not a collector, and you have to fight Wunfert. Now he will be put in jail, and if we are already sure that the butcher is Woonfert, another murder will take place three days later, and we will know that Woonfert has been investigating the butcher.

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Step 7: patrol the stone district at night

The player must now go to the market area known as the Stone Quarter, sometime between sunset and sunrise, and wait for someone to show up. Any character can appear, but you will see Calixto appear, pulling a knife from the shadows. He will now proclaim that he is the most feared butcher of Windhelm, and you will notice that the guards do not want to intervene, so you will have to do it on their behalf.

Skyrim Blood on Ice Quest

Step 8: Keep the butcher accountable

The player must kill Calixto before he kills the murder victim. There is no bounty on his head, even though he kills Calixto in front of the guards. This move should succeed, because if you don’t kill Calixto, he will kill the victim and return to Chierim.

Step 9: Discuss with Jorleif

After Calixto is killed, the player must talk to Jorleif. After speaking with him, the quest is complete and he will allow the player to declare Hjerim his property and decorate it as he wishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1 : How do you cause blood on ice part 2?

For this the court magician must be charged, and he will be imprisoned for three days, during which time the butcher will kill again. This is the beginning of the second part.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I skip blood on the ice quest?

You can skip the blood on the ice quest by using a potion of cure corruption.

How do I trigger the blood on the ice quest?

You need to have the quest “The Blood on the Ice” active.

How do you trigger blood on the ice part 2?

-You can use a weapon that has the “blood” attribute.

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