A new game being released by developers using the blockchain, who are aiming to make it a space-based econ MMO. The game is officially coming out on Steam early access and will be continually updated over time with no worries about cheating or other problems that plague games normally.

The “Prosperous Universe screens” is a space-based econ MMO that officially launches on Steam early access. This game has been in development for over 3 years and it’s finally here! The game will be free to play with microtransactions, so you can get your hands on this new online experience without spending any money. Read more in detail here: prosperous universe screens.

Space-based econ MMO Prosperous Universe officially launches on Steam early access


Prosperous Universe, the economic space sandbox MMO, has reached a new frontier with the game’s early access release on Steam yesterday, bringing all of the galactic-sized economic spreadsheet management gameplay to the platform.

When the game’s release was initially announced, Simulogics said that the debut on Steam is “crucial to the game’s development and viability,” and that it might potentially bring in a large number of new players. The value of being reviewed and wishlisted, according to the press release provided yesterday, is that it helps PU be detected by Steam’s algorithms.

Early user evaluations are mostly on the “Positive” side of the spectrum, with many coming from seasoned players who warn of a high learning curve but also add that the devoted will find a rich and rewarding econ PvP game. “Prosperous Universe is a plain business simulator,” writes one user, “and one that doesn’t attempt to beautify that up with ship to ship combat or other gaming mechanics.” “This isn’t the place to play a high-intensity game with commercial features. This is SPAAAACCCEEE! Spreadsheet!”

Sources: Steam, press release


The “apex prosperous universe” is a space-based econ MMO that officially launches on Steam early access today. Players can purchase the game for $19.99 and get it at a discounted price of $14.99 until the release date of December 12th.

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