August is here, which means it’s time for the monthly update to the Star Citizen project. This month it’s all about the new missions the team has been working on for months now. You can read all about it in the latest Star Citizen Monthly report.

For the last month, Star Citizen has been in a holding pattern, following the team’s shift in focus from the upcoming 2.6 release to the new Arena Commander module. Earlier this week, Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) released an update for the Star Citizen website, which contained a number of new details about the upcoming Arena Commander module. A new trailer was also released, which revealed new gameplay videos and several new ship highlights, including the Gladiator and the Sabre Comet.

Star Citizen is continuing to roll forward with its development. The last couple of months have seen the introduction of the new Wasp ship (along with its ability to be converted to a turret), the introduction of an in-game demo of the next-generation jump drive, plus several months’ worth of various content updates. Today’s update comes in the form of a report that details the development of some of the new features in the upcoming “Star Marine” FPS mission.


As usual, September starts and August closes, which means CIG has an end-of-month report on Star Citizen’s progress. The narrative team is working on narrative material for the system, the AI team is working on a mobile vendor that players may purchase from and sell to, and the animation team is working on animations for sellers of illicit products, food, drink, and other things, according to the article.

The report’s ships section is as active, with updates on both the MISC Hull A and Hull C, as well as the MISC Starfarer’s refueling capabilities, changes to the Vulture’s interior, and a final art pass for the Crusader A2 Ares, Crusader Hercules, and Aegis Redeemer. This part of the paper also mentions four additional undisclosed vehicles that are currently in different stages of development.

Finally, work on more dynamic events such as Jumptown 2.0 is mentioned in the gameplay features part, while early work on a new mission type is mentioned in the narrative portion. Additional writing for new missions, dynamic events, and the in-game IAE 2951 showcase event is also being worked on.

Long-time MMORPG fans may recall that Star Citizen was initially Kickstarted in 2012 for almost $2 million, with a 2014 release date anticipated. It is still in an unfinished but playable alpha as of 2021, after raising approximately $350 million from players via years of ongoing crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It is now the most crowdfunded video game ever, and it has been met with unwavering support from fans and skepticism from detractors. Squadron 42, a co-developed single-player game, has also been frequently postponed.


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