Starbase has been delayed again, nudging the early access date for the game to the final week of July. Developer Nintendo and publisher Nintendo have once again pushed back the release of the title, which has already missed its original August release date. The game was to be released on the Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo has said that the early access version will not be on the system. Starbase has been in development for three years and Nintendo said on the game’s official site that it will not be on the Nintendo Switch until at least September.

Starbase Alpha, the upcoming, free-to-play, massively multiplayer online space-simulation game from RageSquid (better known as Rage) has been subject to a series of delays over the last few months. It has been set to launch in mid-July, but has been pushed back to the end of July for reasons that Rage has yet to disclose. Many fans of the game have grown impatient, and the latest delay has only served to exacerbate their frustration.

Game developers are notorious for their frequent delays, but that’s not the case with Starbase. The game, which recently went through its second beta, is supposed to be available to early access users in July, but the developers have already pushed it back to the end of the month.

word-image-2249 How many times can the launch of Early Access be delayed? Starbase is clearly trying to make things right. It was originally going to be released in Early Access the same year it was announced, later in 2019. Then it became clear that it wasn’t going to happen. Then she gave up on the 2020 dream. He then referred to May 2021. Then June 17 is the right date! Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen either, as Finnish developer Frozenbyte admitted today that they’ve had to postpone everything again – this time until the 29th. July. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we think it’s best in the long run, the developers said, noting that the run-up to release and feedback from alpha testers convinced them to wait. In particular, the team wants some features, such as the tutorial and factories, to be fully completed before early access to ensure a successful launch. The date of the 29th. July hasn’t been set yet, but the developers say they’ll confirm it when they’re sure the game is ready. As mentioned earlier, Starbase is a space MMO that focuses on crafting, exploration, construction and combat. And robots. So many robots. Recently, work on the game has focused on this guide, the asteroids, and the interface.

. Source: YouTube ViewToday we wrap up our early access coverage of Starbase, a promising new indie space sim. I’ve been playing it in early access since September and it’s an intriguing combination of traditional space sims like Elite and Star Citizen with a couple of twists.. Read more about starbase alpha and let us know what you think.

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