With the release of Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch, one question has been lingering: how do you make a character that can fight?

Stardew Valley is a game that has been in the news recently. There are two different types of characters in the game, one who is a fighter and another who is a scout.

Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout

Stardew Valley’s combat system is one of the game’s most important features. If you want to mine in the better parts of Stardew Valley, you’ll have to participate in some type of fighting. You’ll need to shield yourself from bats if you desire valuable minerals and even more valuable treasure boxes. As a result, as you progress through the game, you’ll finally reach your desired career. And what a decision to make! It might be tough to choose between Fighter and Scout. If you’re not yet familiar with the game, the changes may seem insignificant. We’ll tell you all you need to know about the differences between these two fields of study!

Is it better to be a fighter or a scout in Stardew Valley?

While learning how to play the game, Fighter is preferable than Scout in our view. Fighter gives you far superior flat increases to your fighting damage, as well as a large Health benefit to keep you alive. Scout may provide a massive damage increase, but it depends on RNG to do it, and it takes extremely specialized strategies to be as effective as Fighter.

We have the whole analysis if you want to learn more!


svcombat1-640x360Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout

Fighter gives all weapon attacks a flat +10 percent damage increase, as well as a +15 health benefit. It goes without saying that +10 percent damage is nothing to sneeze at. This will help combat go by a little quicker and might be the difference between one-shotting irritating adversaries or not.

The improvement in health isn’t significant. You start with 100 health and gain 5 levels for every battle level you complete. If you do not choose Fighter, you will not get the health boost. Fighter is the difference between 140 and 155 health at Combat level 10. It’s not a tremendous difference, but it might determine whether or not your character is bodied.

Both of these benefits, in total, are minor differences that make mining a little simpler. To be honest, it’s a very welcome increase in numbers.

Specializations for Fighters

The following are your two possibilities at level 10:

  • Your weapons do 15% greater damage as a brute. This stacks with the Fighter’s bonus, giving you a total bonus damage of around 26.5 percent. To be honest, this is quite powerful. At level 17, your Infinity Blade goes from 80-100 to 101-126. That’s a ridiculous damage increase! This constancy comes in handy late in the game.
  • +25 health for the defender. This isn’t as good as Brute. Instead of 155, you have 170 health. And there are other ways to obtain health outside your level-up bonuses, such as Mr. Qi’s tasks.

The loss of 25 health is just not worth it. There’s so much more harm! Even if you favor the defense, you should always take Brute. Items like the Phoenix Ring and the Protection Ring may provide additional protection.


svcombat2-640x360Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout

The Scout has a more distinctive design. The first advantage of scout is that it increases your critical hit probability by 50%. Unfortunately, this does not offer you a 50% chance of critically hitting. It increases your current crit chance by 50%. So, if you had a 2% chance of crit before, you now have a 3% chance.

This isn’t an awful situation. You may receive equipment in the late game that greatly increase your chances of critically hitting! Without Scout, you can get endgame swords to a 19% crit hit probability right now. As a result, scout may give you a nearly 30% probability of crit! That’s quite constant, and the overall bonus is higher than the Fighter! Daggers also have a significantly larger probability of critically striking, making them much more reliable. For example, the Iridium Needle may greatly benefit from this passive.

This, however, requires particular builds, crafting, and the use of two ring slots just for critical strikes. If you want to be helpful in battle, this might be quite pricey and tie you into a certain build. Despite the fact that enormous damage amounts may be achieved, we favor Fighter’s consistency and build versatility.

However, if you like rolling dice and seeing crazy numbers, this is the game for you. This isn’t a hopeless situation.

Specializations for Scouts

Scout’s Specializations are… intriguing.

  • Acrobat: Reduces the cooldown of your secondary attack by 50%. This is… odd. The Dagger flurry is the only really effective special strike. The other two alternatives, Block and Club Swing, aren’t really exciting. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s completely overblown.
  • If you’re going Scouting, you’ll need this. Desperado doubles the damage you would have done if you had gotten a critical hit. Crits usually treble your damage and then add a little amount extra depending on your weapon. Crits now increase your damage by 6. As a rule. This is how you play Scout if you want to be a Scout!

The obvious choice is Desperado.

The “stardew valley professions” is a debate that has been present for a long time. The fighter or scout debate comes down to the fact that there are pros and cons for each profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

What profession is better for combat Stardew Valley?

A: The most useful profession in combat is the warrior.

Should I choose brute or defender Stardew?

A: Defender is more skilled and will likely be easier to play against in the early game. Brute has a higher health bar, but hes less capable of dodging attacks, which means youll need high damage output as well as skill if you want to do well with him.

Is there a lot of combat in Stardew Valley?

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