For the first time in history, an alien is about to be revealed! With a simple game of Stellaris, players can find out if their galactic empire has what it takes to survive.

The “stellaris alien box best color” is a question that has been asked for a while. The answer to the question, is not an easy one to find. However, it can be found on the Stellaris wiki page titled “Alien Boxes.”

Stellaris - Alien Box Opened

Alien Box Guide for Stellaris - What's inside the Orbital Speed Demon event?

Stellaris has a lot of events to monitor, particularly as some of them are multi-stage and multi-outcome. This tutorial will show you how to open the Alien Box from the Orbital Speed Demon event and how to choose the best gift for you.

This event rewards you with a choice of Alien Box Color, which adds a permanent attribute to your main species, making it a fantastic event to get.

However, the event rewards changed during the planetary mechanic upgrades, and although part of the old code remains, it is now dead, meaning you will no longer get the trait replacements you may anticipate if you are acquainted with the event.

Alien Box Guide for Stellaris

Alien Box Guide for Stellaris - What's inside the Orbital Speed Demon event?

As with many science ship events, this begins with a choice of options. The first and second, try to slow it down and Attempt to halt it, respectively, will attempt to continue the event while the third, Get away from it, will cancel it outright.

If you wish to go on to the next step, you should try to stop it.

The Alien Box has been opened.

Alien Box Guide for Stellaris - What's inside the Orbital Speed Demon event?

The next stage also includes 3 options; Choosing Open the box or Learn more about it will begin a special project. There isn’t much point in the learn option though, as it only gains you the chance to sell the box quickly for very few credits and minerals while doubling the number of projects to complete if you want the vials.

Whether you open the box or finish the project, you’ll get some Physics Research and a final special project in any case. When you’ve finished, you’ll be able to choose between vials.

Alien Box Guide for Stellaris - What's inside the Orbital Speed Demon event?

Colors of Alien Boxes

The choice here is based on what your species need the most, however we’ve discovered that any of the vials will suffice.

  • Red – Adds Social Pheromones, which reduces the use of Pop Housing by 5%.
  • Green – Adds Limited Regeneration, which extends the life of the leader by ten years and boosts army damage by ten percent.
  • Blue – Increases Habitability by 5% by adding Bioadaptability.
  • Sell – You’ll get some Minerals and Credits if you sell anything.

Check out our post on the Console Commands and the impending 3.3 Update for additional information on Stellaris.

These days, Paradox Interactive publishes a wide range of games, although its origins are in the grand strategy genre. Apart from Stellaris, they are all historical games, although with its unannounced non-historical title, that may soon change.

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