Subnautica is the critically acclaimed underwater survival adventure game made by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The game has gained a huge following since its release in 2016, and the community is constantly finding new ways to explore and discover new parts of the game. This guide is intended as a concise list of all the Seatruck module fragment locations in Subnautica, broken down by location.

Subnautica Below Zero | All Seatruck Module Fragment Locations – Guide Fall [Blog Post] If you’ve been following the Subnautica guide on Reddit, then you’ve noticed that we’ve been working on a guide to help you find all the Seatruck Module Fragments (SMFs). In this guide I will be detailing where to find all the SMFs you are looking for.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional nor a trainer. I am not a lawyer either. This post is just the opinion of a player who enjoys the game and spends a lot of time and effort in it.

The Seatruck is probably the most important element of Subnautica Below Zero. Not only will it transport you from place to place, but it will also provide a reliable source of breathable air during journeys at sea. And if you unlock all the Seatruck modules, you’ll have a fully mobile base with a manufacturer, storage, bed, and Prawn space suit dock. The problem is that first you have to find and scan all the fragments of the Seatruck modules to unlock their plans.

Where can I find all the fragments from the Seatruck module in Subnautica Below Zero

The ocean floor is littered with fragments of Alterra technology. word-image-17776 word-image-17777 In Subnautica Below Zero, there are six different Seatruck modules. Before you can unlock them, you need to find and scan the Seatruck module fragments scattered across the sea floor. After scanning three linked fragments, the design of the module is added to your handheld. You can then install it in the cargo area of the mobile vehicle. Scanning fragments is not difficult, but finding them can be a real challenge. Since many fragments are between 100 and 300 meters deep, you will need at least a Seaglide and a rebreather to reach them. Many places are also protected by aggressive plants and animals. Here you will find excerpts for each Seatruck module in Subnautica Below Zero. Note that these remnants of Alterra’s technology are always found in the same biomes, but their specific location may vary. Go to the given coordinates and search the area until you can scan all three fragments.

Memory module

You’ll probably want to unlock the chair storage module first, as it adds 72 more chair storage spaces. Fortunately, his fragments are not too far from the ship.

  • Location of the fragment: Deep and winding bridges
  • Contact details: -420 -300 -360

Message: At this point you will also find fragments of the Fabricator module.

Receiver module

The Seatruck is used to transport your crab suit between two destinations. It works almost like a moon pool, except it’s much smaller and more mobile, and charges the suit via Sitrak’s energy cells.

  • Location of the fragment: Deep purple orifices
  • Contact details: 410 -330 -530

Message: Fragments of dormant and mooring modules can be found in the shallow waters of the Purple Wind biome above these coordinates.

Manufacturer’s module

With the Fabricator module your Seatruck has both the Fabricator and 12 additional storage slots. Very importantly, you can use it to cook food and synthesize fresh water away from your home base. Fragments of the Fabricator module can be found in two biomes at two different coordinates:

  • Location of the fragment: Deep winding bridges, purple crevasses
  • Coordinates: -420 -300 -360 (deep twisted bridges) 180, -30, -530 (purple slots)

Don’t forget to look for Seatruck fragments and other technology hidden in the sea monkey nests. word-image-17778 word-image-17779

Standby module

The Sleeper module, perhaps the least useful Seatruck module, adds a bed, a digital picture frame and a jukebox. Besides the ability to sleep through the night, its main function is to play music throughout the Seatruck.

  • Location of the fragment: Purple air vents
  • Contact details: 180, -30, -530

Message: You can also find fragments of the Aquarium module in the shallow waters of the Purple Winds biome.

Aquarium module

The aquarium module is unique in that it is able to capture small animals moving in the vicinity of the Seatruk. You can keep the captured creatures as pets, release them into the wild or use them in the production module for cooking and drinking water. The fragments of the aquarium module are located in two different biomes, at two different coordinates:

  • Location of the fragment: Purple Winds, Lilypad Islands
  • Contact information: 180, -30, -530 (purple slots) 330, -120, -1100 (lily of the valley)

Teleportation module

The teleportation module is the last and ultimate improvement of the Seatruck. Its function is that you can teleport to the Seatruck at any time using the attachment tool. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for this achievement. There’s nowhere to scan the transporter fragments. On the contrary, the plan of this module opens only after finding and scanning the ten artifacts of the architect. Want to find more collectibles? Discover our other hot guides Subnautica Below Zero :Below Zero is a Subnautica guide for all Seatruck Fragment locations, an in-depth Subnautica guide. This is the latest addition to the seatruck guide. Below Zero is a vast and vast Subnautica guide on the Seatruck Fragment Locations (SFR) in the game Below Zero. The guide is a collection of information that is needed to complete various tasks in the game. Below Zero is a Subnautica guide for all Seatruck Fragment locations, an in-depth Subnautica guide.. Read more about subnautica: below zero walkthrough and let us know what you think.

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