With its launch looming, the fledgling survival game Fractured Veil has shown off a few new pieces of building blocks for players to use. It’s been nearly two years since developer Cryptic Studios announced plans for the open-world multiplayer title and it’s now just about ready to release into early access on May 22nd

The “monster tamer kickstarter” is a game that has been in development for some time now. The game, Fractured Veil, is an MMO survival game with a focus on crafting and building. The game’s developer recently released new building pieces to the public.

Survival MMO Fractured Veil shows off new building pieces, outlines 2022 dev plans


Players in the survival MMO Fractured Veil will be able to build new houses as the year progresses, or at least they will when the promised series of new housing items is released, which is expected to happen soon; players will have new thatch, stone, wood, and metal in the next update, which is only a few weeks away, according to the post.

In addition, the preview included a quick synopsis of the game’s objectives for 2022, which included implementing Veil Travel, updating to Unreal 4.27, bringing in three additional waves of supporters, and introducing abilities and talents to the game. A schedule for all of these changes was not offered, but in the meanwhile, you may check out a slew of new construction elements.

Fractured Veil is a “open-world online survival game” set in a post-apocalyptic version of Hawaii, to refresh your memory. When developer Paddle Creek was searching for testers in February 2021, we first became aware of it. According to reports, the game had been in development for five years previous to its Kickstarter effort, which raised little over $100,000 last month. Since then, development of the survivalbox has accelerated, as recounted in a 2021 overview.


The “alpha beats kickstarter” is a news article that discusses the release of alpha for Fractured Veil. The game has shown off new building pieces and outlined its 2022 development plans.

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