Swords of Legends Online, a browser-based MMO with PvP and trading features is set to release its much anticipated “Firestone Legacy” update on April 17th. A week later, the developers decided to delay the release by one day due to some last minute issues that arose. The 9-hour long demo video was released in anticipation of this new content’s launch which gives players just a glimpse into what awaits them in dungeons after facing off against notorious villains like Stonebreaker Emberhorn or even Wortox Twillowdrinkle

Swords of Legends Online delays The Firestone Legacy a week, offers glimpse into dungeon content


Swords of Legends Online has both good and bad news from Gameforge today. To begin, let’s get the bad news out of the way: The release of the 2.0 Firestone Legacy expanshapatch has been postponed. The content patch, as well as the free-to-play conversion, will take an additional week, according to the studio. This also implies that the current battlepass and PvP season will be extended for another week. The new release date has been scheduled for March 3rd, and the game’s product manager has issued an apology: “We had made an open commitment to a date that we are no longer able to keep, and I genuinely hope you will find the additional repairs and balancing tweaks to be worth the extra wait.”

What’s the good news, then? The business has released a new trailer for the dungeons that will be included in this now-delayed upgrade. The Firestone Grave of Dreams is a terrifying booby-trapped tomb; the Rotting Grotto is plagued with mutant grossness; and the Heavenly Gate Maze is a labyrinth with a great setting – honestly, it makes the finest pictures. A look at the initial raid, Langquan Bridge, is also included:

“Like the shimmering lights of the heavens, the lengthy bridge that links the Heavenly Gate Labyrinth to Langquan is extremely amazing.” It has been shattered and rebuilt numerous times due to the lengthy history of conflict between demons and immortals, and people with bad intent continue to try to cross it into the immortal world to this day. Many deadly opponents defend the Langquan Bridge, including mysterious guardians and legions of monsters that should not be disregarded. Many have attempted and failed to cross the bridge and break Langquan’s border wall. Will you be the one who succeeds when so many others have failed?”


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