World Seed is a tabletop board game-styled MMO that players can play in real life or digitally on their mobile devices. This immersive and collaborative experience allows users to build farms, cities, houses and more while fighting endless waves of enemies. It gives players the chance to create anything from an ocean wonderland filled with octopi to sprawling deserts where adventurers battle dragon skeletons for magical relics.

The “worldseed” is a tabletop board game-styled MMO that entered early access in 2016. The game has been described as a mix between Settlers of Catan and World of Warcraft.

Tabletop board game-styled MMO World Seed enters early access


It’s been a while since we last checked in on World Seed, an intriguing and laid-back MMO designed in the form of a tabletop board game by indie developer Ape Egg. The game originally caught our attention in 2020, when it offered players a massive global board to explore tile by tile, battling animals, creating goods, or just wandering before the world’s board changed every hour with fresh things to uncover. Despite the game’s failure to crowdfund, the MMO has continued to update itself throughout 2020 and into this year.

Indeed, work has proceeded to the point that the game was released onto Steam Early Access in February, with several notable differences from the game’s initial (and unsupported) version: Characters may walk in six different directions thanks to hexagonal tiles, characters can advance endlessly, players can control a group of four instead of a single avatar, and there’s more things to discover in the game’s universe overall.

The early access period for the game is intended to last until mid-2022, with further upgrades including global PvP organization, guilds, narrative objectives, and a spec tree. The fundamental gameplay loop is in place right now, with 8 limitless worlds, 12 playable characters, over 75 unique animals, and over 110 missions for about $9, however anyone interested in the game’s initial incarnation may purchase it on Steam or play it in a compatible browser.


The “best mobile mmorpg 2021” is a tabletop board game-styled MMO that has entered early access. The game is currently in development, and will be released on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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