Ray tracing is a new graphics technique that aims to help game developers simulate the real world in more detail than traditional rendering. You’ve probably heard of the term a few times, but don’t know what it is, or why ray tracing is important. Well, don’t worry, we’re here to explain.

The Xbox Game Pass is not an Xbox game subscription service, it is now a service that allows people to play Xbox games on a variety of consoles, including the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and even the original Xbox systems. There are a number of titles that can be played either online with friends, or off-line, including “Gears”, “Halo”, “Forza”, “Crackdown”, “Fable”, “Halo 4”, “Halo 5”, “Minecraft”, and more.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that offers both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. It launched in May 2017, and offers a selection of over 100 “premium” games, with a few thousand more available for free trial. The service is subscription-based, and provides games for $9.99 a month or $74.99 for 12 months. The service is only available for the Xbox One console.

The Ascent Lacks DLSS and Ray Tracing on Xbox Game Pass, Neon Giant Working on a Fix

Shooter that can be played with a friend. The Ascent is one of the year’s most aesthetically stunning gaming environments, and when you enable ray tracing, the neon-drenched streets of its cyberpunk city seem even better.

While Steam users have had no difficulty using the technology, Xbox Game Pass customers have reported that it does not function, and DLSS is completely absent.

While this was a bit of a letdown for PC gamers who weren’t on Steam when The Ascent launched late last week, developer Neon Giant has stated that the Xbox Game Pass version will be brought up to speed with the Steam version.

The Ascent Lacks DLSS and Ray Tracing on Xbox Game Pass, Neon Giant Working on a Fix

The Ascent Lacks DLSS and Ray Tracing on Xbox Game Pass, Neon Giant Working on a Fix

“We’re working on getting them up to parity,” the developer said on Twitter in response to a player who pointed out The Ascent’s Xbox Game Pass version’s lack of DLSS support and faulty ray tracing functionality.

The same user also noted that the Game Pass edition doesn’t have the same difficulty options as the Steam version, which also has lengthier loading times.

Although Neon Giant is aware of the problems and is trying to resolve them, there is no indication of when the Xbox Game Pass version of The Ascent will get DLSS support and proper ray tracing.

We’re crossing our fingers that it won’t take long, and we’ll update this post as soon as we get more information.

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While the Xbox One X is undoubtedly the best 4K HDR streaming device, there are a few features that it lacks that are standard on the PS4 Pro. One of these features is a game engine that can perform real-time rendering of effects, known as DLSS. Another feature that’s limited in the Xbox One X is ray tracing, which is a real-time rendering technique used to simulate the way light interacts with objects. According to Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, when the Xbox One X was designed, Microsoft and Sony were working on their own proprietary solutions to these problems, and the Xbox One X was designed to deliver the best experience possible.. Read more about the ascent dx12 patch and let us know what you think.

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