I am a huge fan of Tribes: Ascend, and it’s about to get even better. New World is coming to Tribes, and it is going to be a big one. There is going to be a new map, new characters, new weapons, and (most importantly) new game modes. The new maps and new characters will be able to be purchased with in-game currency, and you can also purchase them in-game by spending real money.

With over 50,000 people getting hooked on World of Warcraft every month, many people are wondering if the MMORPG title has peaked or if it will continue to grow. The game is at its best right now and it’s one of the few games that regularly has subscriptions from 10,000 players, so it’s definitely on the rise. The World of Warcraft community is the best and most active in the world, with many people posting daily about how they’re playing the game or how much they love it, so they’re definitely keeping it alive.


Amazon’s New World entered closed beta yesterday, and unlike previous test events, there is no NDA in place, thus the whole MMORPG community is participating. I had a chance to play for a few hours on Steam yesterday, just when the server clusters were approaching 200,000 peak users. Almost all of the servers were full in every location, with many people having to wait in lines (poor Brazil had a 5,000-person line!). The newcomer zones were also very crowded.

The studio tweeted, “Lots to learn on our first day of beta!” “We fell short in a few areas, especially with servers and lines. We’ve also had issues with text-to-speech problems, unintentional bans, and difficulties with the Inkwell quest. We’re re-configuring as fast as we can to address these problems until everything is working correctly for you. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback, and our servers are almost full! We want our servers to be crowded, but we also want to ensure that everyone can swiftly join in and play. We’re trying to increase bandwidth so that everyone has the greatest chance to beta test New World!”

Overall, the atmosphere in-game and on social media seemed to be upbeat. I definitely had a better experience playing a melee spec on my solo than I did playing the healer during the press preview last spring. Since May, the game has gone a long way, and I have to admit, I generally like it, with a few minor exceptions. This time around, the character creation is considerably better. The armor appeals to me. However, the chat interface is terrible. It’s like that – it’s excellent, but there are a few annoyances. I’m a lot more interested in the game now that I’ve had a chance to play around with it without the pressure of a group dungeon preview, but I’m still thinking about playing Elder Scrolls Online.

What are your first impressions of New World?

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