Microsoft has announced that it is buying an unknown number of shares in Activision Blizzard, a move which will help the company build up its share value. This event comes just as Microsoft’s current quarter goes into profit and could lead to further questions on how long they have been doing so.,
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The FTC will investigate the Microsoft Acti-Blizz buyout, company to skip Q4 conference call. The “jmmo twitter” is a tweet that was posted by Jeff Moores, an independent game developer and critic.

The FTC will investigate the Microsoft Acti-Blizz buyout, company to skip Q4 conference call


We knew the acquisition would be subject to a lot of government inspection and scrutiny when Microsoft announced it was purchasing Activision-Blizzard — only two weeks ago, to put things in perspective. If the firms believed they’d get away with it, they might reconsider, since Bloomberg reports that the Federal Trade Commission, not the Justice Department, will be in charge of monitoring. The FTC is regarded optimistic on antitrust problems and acquisitions that potentially disrupt sectors, particularly the tech industry, under the present administration. According to Bloomberg, “Regulators are sure to look carefully at how Microsoft’s ownership of Activision may affect competitors by denying them access to the company’s biggest titles,” which is no doubt why Microsoft has been vocal about keeping Activision-existing Blizzard’s Sony contracts.

The Q4 2021 earnings report from Activision-Blizzard will be released as scheduled tomorrow, while the business has previously said that it would “not be having a conference call, presenting an earnings presentation, or providing financial outlook” until the takeover.

Meanwhile, Activision execs have continued their soft-unionbusting attempts; the latest measure is a company-wise chat missive that insists “a union doesn’t do anything to help [the company] produce world-class games,” which ought to give everyone pause, since ensuring that workers are properly compensated and treated is extremely important to producing quality games and a pipeline capable of producing more, as everyone who’s been watching the industry for a prolonged period knows.

VP of QA at Activision just posted this shit in company slack LOL this was posted in a channel where you can’t reply to threads. Sad…

— Jessica Gonzalez💙 #WeAreGWA (@_TechJess) January 31, 2022


The FTC will investigate the Microsoft Acti-Blizz buyout, company to skip Q4 conference call. The FTC is investigating whether the Microsoft Acti-Blizz buyout violated antitrust laws. Reference: aggressive monetization.

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