The first games I ever played competitively was a long time ago, when I started playing StarCraft with my friends. I was nine years old at the time. I played for a few years, but never really got into the competitive scene. I was playing a lot of Magic: The Gathering as well, though. But, as the years went on, I found myself less and less interested in playing games. I started to get into other hobbies, like watching TV and movies, reading, hanging out with friends, and…

Today’s shift in the ArenaNet blog focus is a bit of a surprise, but it’s a pleasant one. ArenaNet has traditionally tiptoed around posting seriously about anything related to its games until the last week of a game’s life, but with the push to release Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns and the upcoming GW2: Path of Fire expansion, there’s no better time to raise our own questions on the game’s playerbase. When it comes to Guild Wars 2, there’s a massive amount of information that’s been collected since the game’s release. We want to know: Is the game’s community a healthy one? How does the game handle toxicity? Is it really as good as it looks? How did we

I’ve had a rather busy week, so I haven’t had a chance to write a new post since last Friday. But that changes today, as I’ll be writing a post about Guild Wars 2. This post is going to be about Guild Wars 2’s new player tips thread. I’ll be linking to the thread at the bottom of the post.

word-image-8050 If you’re playing Guild Wars 2 for the first time, or if you admit you don’t know everything about the game, there’s a handy new resource for you to learn all sorts of tips and tricks. ArenaNet has created a #GW2Info thread to fill in tips from studios and players about MMOs. Have fun! And this is justthe beginning ofthe rest of the news! Read on to discover other small MMO news and videos from the past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see the news we should be covering, give us a hint)! word-image-8051 Champions Online experiences from today until the 24th. June the Nightmare Invasion event. And yes, you can get cosmetic rewards with it! Do you have 100 dollars to spend and a penchant for music FFXIV ? The vinyl box set is available to order now. The job posting from Korean MMO developer KOG suggests that the team is working on a new project, though there are few details about what it might be. Bungie will take place from the 17th to the 20th. June at the exhibition of the game community Virtual Space Station. The Division 2 Ubisoft is moving to a hybrid mode of operation after Pandemic. In the future, we will use a hybrid, tailored approach to organizing work. This means that many of you will be able to combine working in the office with working from home, the studio informed its employees. Osiris: New Dawn has been busy in May – in fact, here are all the changes the team made to the game this month! Rogue Company’s Hot Rogue Summer update has added new outfits and a limited time deathmatch skirmish mode. Gamigo’s Shaiya has been updated with the 10 patch. June gets new maps for the desert pool, additional quests and amulets. Mobile World of Tanks Blitz has its 7. The anniversary patch was released with graphical improvements, a series of American tanks and celebratory events. The community of the kingdom of the mad god is shutting down the current campaign. Wild Terra 2 had to postpone the next major content update due to illness of half the team. However, it should appear on the server very soon. Circuits andShields, a new MOBA, is scheduled to launch in September: Circuits refreshes and revitalizes the MOBA concepts you know and love. With quirky champions, upgraded items, customizable talents and unique team unlocks, Circuits ensures that no two games are the same. Learn how to best master the Alchemist class in Skyforge in solo and group play with this new how-to guide. The Prosperous Universe showed unfinished work on its reclamation system:

. Crossplay between Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo is now available in Warface:

. PUBG: InNew State there is a video tutorial on a Troy card:

. The MMO industry produces more and more news every year – no single site can cover it all. That’s why each week we bundle all the extras into The MOP Up, our weekly compendium of MMO news that we don’t want to see lost in the rush of time. Send us your messages on our information line! word-image-8052 ViewThe MOP Up is a thread created by the Guild Wars 2 community to share useful tutorials for newcomers to the game, which I’m sure is a great resource for new players. While the thread is currently being maintained by the community, I would like to see it be used by the Guild Wars 2 team to share strategies for new players.. Read more about gw2 reddit and let us know what you think.

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