TitanReach is a game studio founded by long time Petroglyph Games employees. We brought on our own team of designers and programmers to tackle the challenge of creating a new sci-fi multiplayer online game. When we were done with the game, we felt it still needed a few final polish touches and we put those on hold. On Wednesday, we released some of those updates to an alpha state, just so you could get a feel for the game and how it’s coming along.

TitanReach is a place to play games like Neverwinter, and as an outlet for my video graphics work, I’ve been working on a new house for the owner of the “Titan Reach” server to use as his home base.

Last week, I was at TitanReach’s debut demo of Glimmermoore, a room dedicated to the petting and playing of our adorable friend, the Dolphin. In the event, we had many pets in attendance that were eager to cuddle and play, including a few Ragdoll cats, and a couple of Arctic Terns. Another pet that was in attendance was the Sea Turtle, who is a hatchling and who was very excited to be in the petting group.

word-image-14451 Once again, the guys from TitanReach are eager to show all the work they’ve done on their MMORPG in development. As with previous developer blogs, there’s a lot to see in the last two, including new trees, more animations, another bunch of 3D animal models, different decorating and crafting stations, different outfit concepts, and several adventure pets that will appear in the game’s cash shop; keep your wallet ready for quirky foxes, mage dogs, vampire dogs, and techno cats. An additional blog, written by one of the game’s programmers, describes the game’s programming process, explains programming at the most basic level, discusses Unity and the C# language, and even gives some words of encouragement to aspiring programmers who might read this article. Finally, the Glimmermoor area is still under development, but presumably it is close enough that Square Root Studios would like to share the concept of that area. It’s a rough sketch, as concept art should be, but it describes the scene and maybe some expectations. Welcome to mica bog! pic.twitter.com/uDByghocjx – TitanReach (@PlayTitanReach) May 23, 2021 ViewTitanReach, the developers behind the near-future first person-shooter game, are back! So well, in fact, that they’ve put their entire project on display for all to see. The TitanReach site is now hosting a whole new batch of weekly updates, with new screenshots, videos and interviews all through the week. This week, the team discuss their plans for Pets, the new set of multiplayer maps that will hit the PC version of the game, and the release of new props and sets in the Glimmermoore area.. Read more about titanreach reddit and let us know what you think.

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