Does your ping in “Call of Duty” say “High” in the lower left corner of your screen? Does your ping in “Overwatch” say “High” in the lower right corner of your screen?  Are you experiencing lag in “StarCraft 2” that makes your keyboard unresponsive and your mouse unresponsive? This high ping is the norm and completely normal. People who play “Call of Duty”, “Overwatch”, “StarCraft 2” and other competitive games have a higher ping than others. Is this because your internet is inferior or is it something else?

So you’re playing League of Legends or Overwatch, and your ping suddenly spikes high. This is caused by a number of different things. If you’re concerned about your ping, there are a number of things you can do to fix it.

Are you experiencing significant packet loss in VALORANT? Wondering why the VALORANT has such a high ping? Take the spikes off your ping and put them back in place! In VALORANT, high ping is only a visible symptom. Not only do you need a fast connection, but also a stable and reliable one. You might be tempted to think it’s not you. However, there are several ways to improve the situation. No more missteps – or at least no more excuses. Let’s see how to solve the high ping problem in VALORANT.

PC settings and software

Figure: Riot Games via HGG word-image-11150 word-image-11152 Start with the basics. There are many electronics and games shops: Steam, EGS, Origin, Battle.Net and others. Every client you have installed and running is another client consuming bandwidth for updates and other related services, like an elephant’s trunk in a muddy lake. To solve ping problems with VALORANT , start small: Close game clients, web browsers and other programs/services connected to the Internet that you do not need during gameplay. Disable it at startup if necessary – this process depends on your operating system. Leaving a web page open that is constantly being updated (for example, Facebook or Twitter) can also be a factor in intermittent latency spikes. There are many things to consider when thinking about how to improve your ping in VALORING. This also applies to any other device like laptops, tablets or phones, but we’ll talk about budget management later. If you are using a VPN, you should take this into account: Using a VPN increases the overhead of a game connection. It is a simple price to pay for security and privacy. Some VPNs advertise lag that is acceptable for games, so they are worth considering. But if you are experiencing problems, a good first step is to disable the VPN for a verification test. Also about how to fix the ping in VALORANT for laptop players : Make sure your notebook is well ventilated and use high performance power mode when playing. Some latency spikes are not between you and the server, but directly at your home.

Router settings

Figure: Riot Games via HGG word-image-11154 word-image-11156 The router is one of the most important parts of a home network when it comes to ping problems VALORANT . It’s like a little digital post office. The modem connects to the ISP and feeds the other side with unfiltered bandwidth. The router connects to this data stream and sorts it by forwarding downstream packets to their destination and processing upstream packets in turn. When it comes to high bandwidth jobs that require constant and active connectivity, this becomes a monumental task. If you’re still using a switch built into your modem or one of the modem/router combos you can rent from ISPs, consider purchasing a separate router optimized for high traffic. In particular, one that provides QoS rules. Now let’s test our router, whether it’s a combo or a standalone, to see if you have permission to access the admin panel . Find the IP address of your gateway – probably something like [] – then open a web browser and type in that IP address. Enter the administrator username and password, if applicable, and log in using Dash. From there, go from top to bottom to the router. Let’s make sure we’re optimized for success. A good first step would be to check the connected devices, as most routers have a page that shows what is connected. See anything unexpected? Turn on the router or change the Wi-Fi password. Any device (including your neighbors) can be a source of bandwidth loss. Next, check if your router supports QoS – if so, find the manuals for configuring . This varies somewhat depending on the make and model of the router, but the idea is to run a speed test, set a maximum bandwidth for downloading, and then have the applications that want to send packets distribute their traffic based on a set of manual or automatic rules. You can wait 20 milliseconds for a tweet to be sent and not notice the difference. But you’ll notice those 20 milliseconds when you and your team promote the B-side.

Make sure your phone is not updated, okay?

Figure: Riot Games via HGG word-image-11158 word-image-11161 It is important to remember that the vast majority of delay problems have simple origins and simple solutions. To prevent your iPhone from loading an update in the middle of a game, you can schedule the update at night. Don’t stand in line for ranked games while the whole family is frantically playing Doritos at a UFC pay-per-view tournament unless you’re sure the loading and unloading speeds can handle it. And close any game clients you are not currently using. Turning EGS or Origin back on is a matter of seconds. But meanwhile, they nibble away at precious milliseconds that could have been the best game of your career VALUE .


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Valorant Ping is so high?

Ping is a popular metric used by players to rank the lag and latency in a server. It measures the round-trip time (RTT) between you and the server, which is the time it takes your packets to make it to the server and back to your client. This is why you may experience a ping higher than usual. Ping in League of Legends is a statistic that measures the average time it takes for data to move from your computer to your screen. When your Ping is low, it means that you will receive the high quality response you’re used to, and the game will run smoothly. When your Ping is high, it means that your data is travelling over a longer distance, and you will receive what is called a lower quality of game play.

How do I fix high ping?

As you may or may not have heard, your ping is the time delay between your computer and the game’s server. Any delays cause you to move slower than you normally would while playing a game, so you miss more shots and have more deaths. The solution is simple enough: lower the ping. But what if you can’t? Not all game servers have ping charts that let you know your exact ping, so for those of us who want to know for sure, we have to install a third party program to see where we are. When you are on a high ping, you can’t move or think clearly. You get frustrated, and are too upset to play well. How do you fix high ping? First, you need to find out why your ping is high. If you don’t know, ask your team. Our high ping problems are related to the distance between you and your opponent, so if you are far away, it will take time for your data to pass through the server. If you are far away but have a good connection, your ping might be high because a lot of people are using the server at the same time.

How do I fix Valorant lag?

The Valorant lag problem affects players all around the world, and it happens because of a few different factors. Some of the main reasons are: poor internet connections, ISP packet loss, and packet limitation. There are some things you can do to improve your ping, some of which might not be apparent. Some members of the Valorant community are experiencing lag. This is a known issue that is related to the way the game server connects to the client. This is not a “bug” or “glitch” and it is 100% avoidable.

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