The 2018 World Championship of Víkingur Ólafsson began on November 26, with a sixteen-player bracket. Competitors in the quarterfinal round were Iceland’s Dániel Páll Sigmundsson, France’s Léo Bousquet and Hungary’s Gaudenz Daniele. On January 23rd 2019, there will be four players left to fight for this year’s title as well as a chance at $30 000 USD prize money!

The “valorant masters reykjavík 2022” is a tournament that took place on March 22, 2019. The quarterfinal results are as follows:

VCT 2022- Masters Reykjavik: Quarterfinal Results

Stage 1 Masters – VCT 2022 G2 Esports, LOUD, DRX, and OpTic Gaming, all from different regions, made it to the upper bracket semifinals in Reykjavik. ZETA Division, Team Liquid, Paper Rex, and The Guard, on the other hand, were relegated to the lower bracket after doing poorly in the first round. d

In round 2 of the winner bracket, LOUD will play G2 Esports, while OpTic Gaming will face DRX in order to advance to the top finals. Both series will begin tomorrow. The intercontinental clash may be seen on the official Valorant Twitch channel. In the bottom bracket, there will be a tough duel between ZETA Division and Team Liquid. The Guard and Paper Rex are the other two teams that will compete to keep their hopes alive. In a few hours, the losers bracket’s first round series will begin.

Quarterfinal Results VCT 2022- masters Reykjavik

  • ZETA Division 2 — 0 G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid 1 — 2 LOUD
  • DRX 1 — 2 Paper Rex
  • The Guard 2 — 1 OpTic Gaming


G2 Esports dominated ZETA Division in a 2-0 series. The first quarterfinal series began on Split, with G2 easily winning the map 13 – 7 without no opposition. On ZETA, nothing had changed, and the second map in the series, Bind, was identical to the first. With a clean victory, G2 Esports advanced the Japanese representation to the bottom bracket.

Due to their excellent performance on the final map, Ascent, LOUD overcame Team Liquid in a nail-biting series. Despite losing 13 – 10 on Icebox to start the series, Team Liquid came back on Haven to sweep LOUD 13-3 and take the mental lead. The Brazilian squad, captained by Eric “aspas” Santos, however, demonstrated that their mental health is not fragile by squeezing Team Liquid. The European representative, one of the tournament’s favorites, will advance from the losers bracket, where a mistake is unforgivable.

DRX escaped a 2-0 defeat to Paper Rex, while OpTic Gaming avenged themselves on The Guard. Before competing at VCT Masters Reykjavik, the two North American teams squared off in qualifying, and OpTic was unable to defeat The Guard.

Many things have changed on OpTic since their previous match, including how they analyze their opponents. With a narrow 13-11 victory against Fracture, OpTic eliminated their regional foe and met DRX in the following round. The Guard, on the other hand, will face Paper Rex in an attempt to make up for their bad performance, which has sent them to the bottom bracket.


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The “vct reykjavik 2022” is a game that was played in the quarterfinal of the VCT Masters. The game concluded with a score of 3-1, with Iceland winning.

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