The Land of the Dead has been remade with a new map and graphics. The Rogue server for Warhammer Online is back online, as well as Twitch drops starting tomorrow. These are just some of the events that happened this week in gaming news!

The “warhammer online” is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The “Return of Reckoning” unleashes the Land of the Dead remake, and Twitch drops tomorrow.

Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning unleashes Land of the Dead remake and Twitch drops tomorrow


Fans of Warhammer Online, your home for the last several years, has a huge March planned for you! Return of Reckoning, a rogue server, is releasing a huge upgrade tomorrow and has graciously agreed to let us tell you about it!

The Necropolis of Zandri, also known as the Land of the Dead, is the patch’s main feature. The remake of ROR focuses on open RvR, in which “each realm battles both the other realm and the Tomb King defenders to plunder the treasures.” On a randomized timetable, the excursion will take place once a week. Updates to city sieges have also been made:

“City sieges have been rescheduled to occur every three days rather than after two forts have been captured. Each stronghold conquered grants one campaign point to your kingdom. When the city siege happens, the realm with the most campaign points will besiege the opposing capital. If both realms have the same amount of campaign points, the city that will be sieged will be chosen at random. When the city siege begins, you will have 10 minutes to queue before all instances spawn at the same moment at the conclusion of the duration. The precise hour of the city siege will be determined by a weighted random number generator based on population statistics. While it may happen at any time of day, it’s more likely to happen when there’s a larger number of people online. To allow attackers to approach the opposing city gates, one or two forts are always maintained shut. The previously locked pairing is reset to tier 2 when a new fort is captured. When engaging in a stronghold, the additional realm lockout is abolished.”

Of course, there’s more to the update than that, including a promise of Twitch drops (starting on Wednesday), as well as the new killboard, a new weekly RvR warfront, a new multi-flag scenario called Pyramid of Settra, better flag capture in scenarios, quality-of-life tweaks for PvE dungeons, and a significant currency rework that’s meant to “allow players to play any of their favorite PvP game-modes without As for the icing on the cake, how about an in-game music video from Napalm Records?


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