Rumor has it that Malistaire the undying is hiding in quite a few of your favorite games. Players have been wondering where he’s been, and they’re ready to help find him!

Malistaire the Undying is a character in Wizard101. He has been missing for years and many players are trying to find him. In this article, I will list some of the places you can look for Malistaire.

Where is Malistaire the undying? |

Malistaire the Undying is a creature (Shadow)

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Minion N/A
City of Wizards Graveyard at Castle Darkmoor

What does Malistaire drop in Wizard101, for example?

“I expected more from you, brother!” Malistaire says. Malistaire Drake is a creature.

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Dragonspyre The Crown of Fire – The Great Spyre

Also, what is the level of Darkmoor? Darkmoor is the last of the four dungeons included in the previous release, and the sole need is that you are level 100. When you arrive in Darkmoor, best of luck with your Darkmoor drops.

Similarly, what is the name of Malistaire’s school?

Malistaire. Malistaire Drake is the last boss in the Dragonspyre storyline and a former professor at Ravenwood’s School of Death. He left Ravenwood after the death of his loving wife, Sylvia, to follow unknown interests of his own.

Morganthe is a wizard101 character.

Morganthe, sometimes known as the Shadow Queen or the Umbra Queen, is the major antagonist of Wizard101’s second arc. She was born in the World of Avalon and trained by the renowned magician Merle Ambrose.

Answers to Related Questions

In Wizard101, what level do you battle Malistaire?

At the conclusion of Dragonspyre, you face Malistaire and earn the Savior of the Spiral badge. He is the first arc’s major antagonist.

On Wizard101, where is Malistaire’s dungeon?

Malistaire Drake may be found in the Great Spyre instance in Dragonspyre’s heart. You still have a long way to go if you’re just on the Plaza of Conquests. Inside the Crown of Fire, Malistaire is at the heart of Dragonspyre. Because it’s an instance, you can only invite three buddies to fight him.

In Wizard101, how can you beat Malistaire?

Each gang has a connection to the closed door, which must be fought in order to open it. Enter Malistair Drakes’ chamber via the unlocked door. Watch the sequence involving Cyrus Drake, Sylvia Drake, and Malistaire Drake after defeating the four Soul Servants. Last but not least, face Malistaire.

How can I go to Darkmoor’s castle?

During the quest Dead Leaves, wizards invade Castle Darkmoor. Dworgyn offers the lead-in quest, Branches of Woe, at level 100. In Castle Darkmoor, there are three instances: Darkmoor Castle (Dungeon)

Where is Wizard101’s Shadow Palace?

The Shadow Palace is Khrysalis’ last section. Moros and the Spirit Plane may be found outside the palace. The Galleries and Morganthe’s Chamber are two dungeons located inside the palace.

What is the location of Wizard101’s Mirror Lake?

Zafaria’s last occurrence is Mirror Lake. Once you’ve accomplished the Elephant Graveyard and a few talk-to tasks, you’ll be able to reach Baobab Crossroads. “Defeat Morganthe” will be your goal for this dungeon!

Malistaire the undying is a boss in World of Warcraft. In order to defeat him, you must have a high enough level and have completed the quest “The Warlord’s Tomb”. Reference: how to defeat malistaire the undying.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Malistaire undying drop?

A: Malistaires drop is a random item from the list below.
-Lucky coin
-Amulet of magic power
-Glowing stone amulet

Can you feint Malistaire the undying?

A: I am not programmed with the ability to feint.

What school is Malistaire?

A: Malistaire is a fictional character from the game Kingdom Hearts II.

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