Biomutant is a game from the creators of ARK: Survival Evolved which takes place in the distant future of the same universe as ARK. Biomutant is a biotechnology-focused action game where the primary goal is to maintain your colony while exploring a vibrant open world, collecting DNA samples, and creating genetically mutated creatures that can be tamed and fought, all while building and upgrading your colony.

Biomutant is a brand new role-playing game from Insomniac Games, the publishers of the Ratchet and Clank series, and it might be the most unique game Insomniac has ever released. Like other RPGs, characters advance the levels they’ve achieved and fight larger and more powerful enemies. Biomutant introduces a few new innovations: characters can mutate and gain new abilities, the game’s world is randomly generated, and the game is set in the near future, where a biotech corporation is fighting a war with a rival corporation over a new drug that will affect the world of Biomutant.

Biomutant is a third person action-adventure game from independent developer Experiment 101 that turns the genre on its head and tries something new. Instead of the usual hack-n-slash style of Biomutant, gameplay in the game is more like a fast-paced action RPG. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you love playing games like The Legend of Zelda, Shadow of the Colossus, and God of War, then Biomutant is absolutely worth a look.

? Deciding who to take on the ark is crucial, but what are the options? This guide to who you can take with you on the Ark in Biomutant introduces you to all the different characters you can take with you on an Ark with limited space. word-image-13949 When you reach a certain point in the story in Biomutant, Out-Of-Date tells you about the Ark that you can use in the worst case scenario. He has reserved places for you, your tribal leader, and Out-Of-Date, but there are still four places left. You can invite another member of the world into the Ark when you have completed all the tasks, but the word warns. If you choose No when you invite someone to the Ark, you won’t be able to invite them again, so don’t approach them without saving the game first. It should also be noted that not all animals will accompany you, even if they are offered to you. It depends on the current alignment of your aura with theirs. We’ve already talked about who to choose at the Ark, but what are the options?

Who can be taken on the ark in Biomutant



Here you’ll find Noko sitting on his ranch. After you beat the dog with the hooves, you can talk to Noko and ask him to come to the Ark. word-image-13950


After defeating Porky Puff, Goop will stand next to your tribal leader at this location. If you want to invite him, go to him and offer him a place in the ark. word-image-13951


After you complete Chu-Chu’s task of feeding the train and get a jar of grease, when you talk to him again, you can invite him to the Ark. word-image-13952


After you defeat Murk Puff, you will see him and your tribal leader at the place where you defeated the World Eater. You can talk to him there to add him to the ark. word-image-13953


Talk to Juju at this location and complete the quest. After you’re done, it will immediately ask you to take a seat in the ark. word-image-13954


Perform the first two tasks for Trim. When you turn in the second quest, he will immediately ask for a spot on the ark. word-image-13955


At this location you will find a Moog company. You must perform his monster hunting duties. I was totally focused on the light and he refused to sit with us even though he was offered a chair. word-image-13956


Boom is another one who refused to join me when I was full of clear aura. You can find it at this address. First, you must complete these two tasks. word-image-13957


You meet Gizmo at the beginning of the story. Later, near the end, you can recruit him for the Ark. He denied me others, so I think you must have a darker aura than a lighter one. word-image-13958


Gulp will join you after you complete his side quest. You can find it here. word-image-13959


The search for Mito had a bug, so I couldn’t finish it and I can’t check if you can invite him, but I think you can. You can find it here. word-image-13960


Talk to Gill here and complete his quest to invite him into the Ark. word-image-13961 jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(‘div.sc_accordion’).accordion({ header : h5, collapsible : true, heightStyle : content, active : 0 }); })

Biomutant offices

word-image-13962 Posted 2 hours ago by Blaine Smith in Biomutant Guides, Game Guides

How to get all environmental combinations in Biomutant.

With Biomutant, you need to protect yourself from hypoxia, heat and other environmental hazards. In this guide to Biomutant’s environmental suits, learn how to unlock each suit. word-image-13963 Posted 2 hours ago by Johnny Hurricane in Biomutant Guides, Game Guides

Guidelines for selection and impact of biomaterials

While playing Biomutant you will encounter many options that can influence the course of the game. This guide to the choices and consequences of Biomutants will help you understand the choices available. ? word-image-13964 Posted 2 hours ago by Blaine Smith in Biomutant Guides, Game Guides

Who can be taken on the ark in Biomutant

Deciding who to take to the Ark is crucial, but what are the options? This guide to who you can take with you on the ark in Biomutant introduces you to all the different characters you can take with you on the ark. word-image-13965 Posted 2 hours ago by Blaine Smith in Biomutant Guides, Game Guides

Biomutant lateral mission development plan

There are many side missions in Biomutant, but they can be hard to find. In this Biomutant quest location guide, you’ll learn where to start on each of the missions we have on… The post Who should take on the ark in the game Biomutant appeared first on GamersHeroes.The world is in a state of crisis, so it’s time to build a new one. You’re not alone, though. You’re part of a community of other survivors, each of you starting off in your own ways. You’re different, but you’re all fighting for the same thing. You’re all fighting for a chance for a new world. But biology is against you, and you need to work together to survive.. Read more about biomutant mounts and let us know what you think.

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