As a good portion of our development team begin to move onto other projects, we are unable to release this week’s update.

The postponement of a free update for Wild Terra has been caused by a delay in the implementation of the latest auction system, which is being delayed until next week. Players will still be able to use the updated auction system that will be released with the free update.

At the time of writing, the Wild Terra 2 update and the auction system have been postponed. This is primarily due to some technical issues that have come up, but don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you haven’t been playing Wild Terra 2. All the features that were supposed to go live on June 24th are still scheduled to go live sometime before then.

word-image-12817 Wild Terra 2: New Lands has been in early access since January, and by the fall there will be a full roadmap, covering everything from improved crafting capabilities and new locations to the auction system and the launch of the game’s first season. Jutvy Worlds appeared yesterday due to a change in plans: The next major update was supposed to be released tomorrow, but has been delayed a few weeks. It’s not clear what happened, but it seems to be life behind the scenes for the independent team. With a small team, there is always a risk of deadlines being pushed back if one of the developers is temporarily unable to work (illness, relocation and other circumstances), the developers write. I hope you understand. What will the patch contain when it finally arrives? Improved crypto maps, updated levels for exotic items, bug fixes, and yes, the promised auction system. Build an auction house and you can buy and sell items without leaving your territory, and also trade with players from other servers. We don’t want the inter-server auction to be a complete replacement of the existing chat and player interaction in the game world. At an auction the seller pays a commission of 10% (in addition, the buyer pays a commission of 5% when it comes to a purchase on the server). ViewTo clarify the weekend’s events, Wild Terra 2 postponed this week’s update and auction system implementation. This update is scheduled to go up this Thursday, with the new auction system implementation following shortly after.. Read more about wild terra 2 guide and let us know what you think.

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