When it’s time to gear up for a kill, the rewards can be worth the effort. Make that work harder? Blizzard is trying to make that more difficult with the addition of scaling rewards in World of Warcraft. The game’s newest patch 9.1.5 is live, and it implements a new system with the potential to give players a better sense of the quality of gear they’re earning from their achievements in PvP, dungeons, and raids.

World of Warcraft players have long-since been clamoring for gear scaling, an option that allows players to keep using the best gear they have ever had even when they reach the highest levels. The WoW Classic expansion arrives next month, and it will include an option to scale gear to your level.

With the recent game changes to improve the PvP experience in the game, Blizzard has made some pretty substantial updates to WoW Classic. But they’re not done yet, with the latest patch rolling out on September 2nd, the game will now have an experience score that will change based on both your character and the level of the zone you’re in, similar to how World of Warcraft calculates how your gear ‘scales’ depending on your level. This will allow you to earn more points as you level up and spend more time in the game, making the grind less tedious every day.

word-image-13480 If you are primarily a PvP player inWorld of Warcraft, you want to make sure that the gear you get from the format is the best you can get for PvP. The upcoming 9.1 update aims to do just that by making use of everyone’s favorite mechanism: item leveling! Starting with this patch, your PvP gear will increase by 13 levels whenever you are in a PvP situation, whether that is on the battlefield, in arena battles, or just fighting with another player in the open world. The downside is that PvP gear will be slightly weaker than PvE gear of the same level, meaning the net improvement will only be seven item levels, with a lower base level to compensate. Still, it’s a different approach that will hopefully make PvP gear more relevant by involving other players in battles and giving a tangible advantage to players who are dedicated to the traditional art of beating other players to a pulp. In other news WoW : Blizzard announces the launch of WoW Classic Burning Crusade next week via a video….. in the form of a song, courtesy of Jordan Fisher. Have fun! An ode to adventurers, new and old. #BurningCrusade returns first. Back in June. pic.twitter.com/6POKA6Eqc4 – World of Warcraft (@Warcraft) 27. May 2021 ViewWorld of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Battle For Azeroth, is what’s called a “patch”, which means it’s basically a small, downloadable update made to tweak the game’s existing systems. And today Blizzard announced the latest patch, which has a very interesting addition: gear scaling.. Read more about does gear matter in pvp shadowlands and let us know what you think.

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